Premier Division: Team of the Week

Matchday 19 results

  • St Joseph’s 10-1 FC Boca Juniors (Cornejo x2, Juanfri x3, Boro x2, Reyes x2)
  • Europa 4-3 Mons Calpe (Walker, De Barr, Arana, Quillo; Londero, Pibe x2)
  • Lynx 1-2 Gibraltar Phoenix (Badr; JC Garcia, Consigliero)
  • Lincoln Red Imps 2-1 Glacis United (Falu, J.Chipolina; N.Serra)
  • Gibraltar United 4-1 Lions Gibraltar (Zapata x2, Mouelhi, Rubio; Lopez Luque)

GOALKEEPER: Victor Martin Fernandez (Glacis)

DEFENDER: Hector Antona (Gib Utd)

DEFENDER: Samuel Vermeeren (Glacis)

DEFENDER: Jean Carlos Garcia (Phoenix)

MIDFIELDER: Tjay De Barr (Europa)

MIDFIELDER: Liam Walker (Europa)

MIDFIELDER: Jose Antonio ‘Chico Rubio’ Quiros (Gib Utd)

MIDFIELDER: Mohamed Badr (Lynx)

STRIKER: Jose Luis Reyes (St Joseph’s)

STRIKER: Rafael ‘Falu’ Aranda (Lincoln)

STRIKER: Juanfri García Peña (St Joseph’s)


Ferro: “We set our minds out to win this game and we did”

After Lions Women’s win over Lincoln Women, we spoke to Kayleigh Ferro about her Rock Cup triumph, scoring four goals in the final and much more.

Lions beat Lincoln 6-0 to clinch this season’s Rock Cup, we asked Kayleigh how she felt the team played – “I think we all played well, we set our minds out to win this game and we did.”

Not only did Kayleigh win the Rock Cup with her team, she was also announced as the Player’s Player of the Season – we asked how it felt winning both accolades, “Its overwhelming to win the Rock Cup and Player’s Player. I think i’ve worked hard for the award and my team have worked hard for the Cup.”

A couple of weeks ago, Lincoln beat Lions on the final day of the season to win the Women’s Football League. Kayleigh reflected on how she felt the campaign went – “I feel that my team worked very hard and deserved to win the league but football is unfair. Well done to Lincoln though for winning it.”

At just 17 years old and plenty of years to improve – we asked what her goals for the future are, “My goals are to do well in future competitions with my team and the national squad. Also to win next years League & Cup and overall improve as a player.”


Premier Division: Team of the Week

Matchday 18 results

  • Lynx 2-1 Glacis United (Valdivia, Power; Ferrer)
  • Gibraltar United 1-1 Gibraltar Phoenix (Negrette; Labrador)
  • FC Boca Juniors 0-9 Europa (Arana x2, De Barr x2, Yome x2, Ayew, Dimas, Urko)
  • St Joseph’s 3-1 Lions Gibraltar (Juanfri x2, Boro; Bado)
  • Lincoln 3-1 Mons Calpe (Rodriguez, L.Casciaro, Kike; Torrilla)

GOALKEEPER: Victor Martin Fernandez (Glacis)

DEFENDER: Juan Gabriel ‘Chuky’ Gonzalez (Lynx)

DEFENDER: Bernardo Lopes (Lincoln)

DEFENDER: Ezequiel Rojas (Phoenix)

DEFENDER: Samuel Fernandez (St Joseph’s)

MIDFIELDER: Federico Cataruozzolo (Lynx)

MIDFIELDER: Manuel Arana (Europa)

MIDFIELDER: Guido Ratto (Gib Utd)

STRIKER: Javi Cantelmi (Lions)

STRIKER: Tjay De Barr (Europa)

STRIKER: Juanfri García Peña (St Joseph’s)


Premier Division: Team of the Week

Matchday 17 results

  • Glacis United 0-2 Gibraltar United (Ratto, Negrette)
  • Mons Calpe 1-1 Lynx (Carboni; Valdivia)
  • Europa 1-1 Lincoln Red Imps (Dimas; Kike)
  • Gibraltar Phoenix 1-2 St Joseph’s (Llaves; Paz, Juanfri)
  • Lions Gibraltar 2-1 FC Boca Juniors (Caravaca x2; Isra)

GOALKEEPER: Alejandro Caro (Lynx)

DEFENDER: Fede Villar (Mons Calpe)

DEFENDER: Brad Power (Lynx)

DEFENDER: Abraham Paz (St Joseph’s)

DEFENDER: Bernardo Lopes (Lincoln)

DEFENDER: Christopher Miñano (Phoenix)

MIDFIELDER: Mustapha Yahaya (Europa)

MIDFIELDER: Michael Negrette (Gib Utd)

MIDFIELDER: Rafael Bado (Lions)

STRIKER: Alberto Caravaca (Lions)

STRIKER: Israel Castillo (Boca)


Gibtelecom Rock Cup Second Round: Predictions

The Gibtelecom Rock Cup second round kicks off tomorrow evening and here are our predictions.

St Joseph’s vs FC Hound Dogs (Wednesday 6th February – 8:30pm)

Saints come into the game on the back of a 8-0 thrashing of Glacis and would be expected to continue that goalscoring form against the side which sit bottom of the Second Division. Raul Procopio’s squad isn’t the biggest so we could see him putting out a strong squad.

Prediction: St Joseph’s win.

Mons Calpe vs College 1975 (Thursday 7th February – 6:15pm)

Just like the St Joseph’s game, this one will probably end up in a quite heavy scoreline. College got beat 5-1 by Manchester 62 in the Cup last weekend, while Mons Calpe will be looking for a confidence booster after their defeat to Gibraltar United. With a bigger squad, Blanco could use certain players from his Intermediate squad for some valuable minutes.

Prediction: Mons Calpe win.

Lincoln Red Imps vs Europa (Thursday 7th February – 8:30pm)

It was raining goals for Lincoln last weekend as they shipped eleven past Boca – Giovanni Rodriguez and Hector Figueroa have impressed since joining in January while ex-Europa forward Kike got himself a hat-trick on his debut. The holders will be hoping to try and get one over their rivals after losing 3-2 earlier on in the season but could see defeat as a blessing with more focus being put into winning the league.

Prediction: Lincoln win.

Manchester 62 vs Gibraltar United (Friday 8th February – 8:30pm)

It has been a difficult few months for Gibraltar United but last week’s win over Mons Calpe could be the turning point needed and they’d hope to continue it against Manchester. The Red Devils invested well in January and it showed in their Cup win against College with ex-Gib Utd striker Robert Montovio getting on the scoresheet but their number one keeper Christian Lopez saw red which will give them a problem going into the game.

Prediction: Gibraltar United win.

Lynx vs Gibraltar Phoenix (Saturday 9th February – 4pm)

This one could be a very interesting tie; two sides doing well at the moment with Phoenix slightly edging it with more goals scored. Lynx have proved to be a tough test to Lincoln and Europa in the last couple of weeks so their opponents should not take them lightly.

Prediction: Phoenix win on penalties.

Glacis United vs Lions (Saturday 9th February – 6:15pm)

Lions will be looking to exact revenge after their 3-1 loss in January, it was quite an even game until conceding an own goal just before half-time which ultimately changed the game. Glacis will be hoping to welcome Alan Parker and Nacho Fernandez back into the squad while Mariano Pereira and Courtney Lewis miss out through suspension.

Prediction: Lions win on penalties.

Europa Point vs FC Olympique (Saturday 9th February – 8:30pm)

Another interesting encounter -, both teams in good form and in with a good chance of progressing. Europa Point will be happy to welcome back their main man Cristian Nunez Chaves from suspension while their opponents come into the game off the back of a whopping 12-3 win over Leo in the 2nd Division Cup.

Prediction: Olympique win on penalties.

FC Boca Juniors vs Brunos Magpies (Sunday 10th February – 4pm)

Magpies did take a heavy hit to their squad in January but with a front three of Assumpcao, Wyatt & Cuesta – it doesn’t really matter what is behind you, they are that good. Yet to be properly tested in the Second Division, Dave Wilson’s men will be looking at the Rock Cup as a idea of where the club is going ahead of next season. It will be another difficult task for Boca and one which we don’t see them winning.

Prediction: Magpies win.


Premier Division: Team of the Week

Matchday 16 results

  • Gibraltar United 2-1 Mons Calpe (Zapata, Ponce; Carboni)
  • Lions Gibraltar 1-3 Gibraltar Phoenix (Caravaca; Segura, Labrador x2)
  • FC Boca Juniors 0-11 Lincoln Red Imps (Hernandez x3, Kike x3, Figueroa x2, Pons, Lopes, Falu)
  • St Joseph’s 8-0 Glacis United (Boro x4, Cornejo x2, Duarte, Paz)
  • Lynx 1-1 Europa (Badr; Dimas)

GOALKEEPER: Kyle ‘Chino’ Goldwin (Gib Utd)

DEFENDER: Gonzalo Guijaro (Gib Utd)

DEFENDER: Andres Jesus Medina Cueto (Lynx)

DEFENDER: Ezequiel Rojas (Gib Phoenix)

DEFENDER: Ethan Jolley (Europa)

MIDFIELDER: Ernesto Cornejo (St Joseph’s)

MIDFIELDER: Anthony Hernandez (Lincoln)

STRIKER: Juan Manuel Labrador (Gib Phoenix)

STRIKER: Hector Figueroa (Lincoln)

STRIKER: ‘Boro’ Alegre Delgado (St Joseph’s)

STRIKER: Kike Gomez Bernal (Lincoln)


Premier Division: Team of the Week

Matchday 15 results

  • Glacis United 3-1 Lions Gibraltar
  • Mons Calpe 2-1 St Joseph’s
  • Europa 1-0 Gibraltar United
  • Lincoln Red Imps 1-0 Lynx
  • Gibraltar Phoenix 3-1 FC Boca Juniors

GOALKEEPER: Alejandro Caro (Lynx)

DEFENDER: Jean Carlos Garcia (Phoenix)

DEFENDER: Francisco Zuniga (Mons Calpe)

DEFENDER: Juan Manuel Montesinos (Lincoln)

DEFENDER: David Gomez Prieto (Gib Utd)

DEFENDER: Jesus Toscano (Europa)

MIDFIELDER: Blas Alvarez (Gib Phoenix)

MIDFIELDER: Mustapha Yahaya (Europa)

MIDFIELDER: Ignacio ‘Nacho’ Fernandez (Glacis)

MIDFIELDER: Courtney Lewis (Glacis)

MIDFIELDER: Graeme Torrilla (Mons Calpe)


Tjay De Barr on trial with Rio Ave FC

Europa & Gibraltar international Tjay De Barr has been the last three days on trial with Primeira Liga side Rio Ave F.C.

The 18-year old was invited by the Portuguese club at the beginning of the week and is expected to return to his club’s training session on Thursday with part of the deal being De Barr would play in their next game against Gibraltar United on the 26th January.

One more Portuguese team interested but nothing concentrate and two Segunda División clubs are monitoring the youngster.

It is understood that if any trials was successful, no deal would be completed until the end of this season.


Premier Division: Team of the Week

Matchday 14 results

  • Gibraltar United 1-5 Lincoln Red Imps (Ratto; Rodriguez x3, Figueroa x2)
  • Lions Gibraltar 0-4 Mons Calpe (Pibe x3, Carboni)
  • Gibraltar Phoenix 6-0 Glacis United (Segura x2, Llaves x3, Labrador)
  • St Joseph’s 0-1 Europa (De Barr)
  • FC Boca Juniors 0-3 Lynx (w/o)

GOALKEEPER: Javi Munoz (Europa)

DEFENDER: Andre Dos Santos (Lincoln)

DEFENDER: Juan Manuel Montesinos (Lincoln)

DEFENDER: Olmo Gonzalez (Europa)

DEFENDER: Miguel Londero (Mons Calpe)

MIDFIELDER: Mustapha Yahaya (Europa)

MIDFIELDER: Raul Segura (Gib Phoenix)

STRIKER: Giovanni Rodriguez (Lincoln)

STRIKER: Juan Pablo ‘Pibe’ Pereira (Mons Calpe)

STRIKER: Juan Manuel Llaves (Gib Phoenix)

STRIKER: Juan Manuel Labrador (Gib Phoenix)


Europa set to beat Phoenix to signing their former striker Kike

According to Spanish media outlet EuropaSur, Europa look to have won the race to re-sign their former striker Enrique ‘Kike’ Gomez Bernal despite interest from Gibraltar Phoenix.

Balona cleared the way for Kike to rejoin on Wednesday but the deal has not been made public as of yet with both teams yet to agree on terms of his contract.

Kike has only made nine appearances this season, including only two starts, since joining the Albinegros and most recently, Balona’s head coach Jordi Roger said in a press conference “that he did not depend on him for ninety minutes.”

FG understands that Europa activated their buy-back clause which allowed them to fend off interest from Gibraltar Phoenix, a host of Spanish clubs and reportedly Lincoln Red Imps.

Photo – C Correa Photography