Lynx win Luisito Bonavia Cup

Lynx win the Luisito Bonavia Cup, beating St Joseph’s Spark Energy 8-2.

The first half started with Lynx dominating and opening the lead early on with captain Sanchez getting the goal. Lynx doubled their lead minutes later, Heredia Vargas with the goal. St Joseph’s went on the attack straight away, Romero Gomez making a great save to keep out Figueras’ shot. 

Minutes later St Joseph’s had another great chance but Chipol’s shot was saved by Romero Gomez. Lynx had midfielder Ian Rodriguez sent off minutes later for a second bookable offence after getting into a war of words with referee Michael Macias.12193465_921187481285538_6662618158718466558_n

St Joseph’s pulled on back, Tyson Ruiz did well to skip past two defenders and square the ball to Jamie Walker to strike past Romero Gomez. Lynx went into the break with a 2-1 lead.

The second half started with Lynx attacking and made it 3-1, Duarte with the goal. Seconds later it was 4-1, Bernal Cabeza with a tidy finish past Moxham. St Joseph’s pulled one back, debutant Francis Marquez with the goal. With ten minutes remaining the goals start flying in, Duarte bagged his brace making it 5-2 for Lynx. Shortly after Bernal Cabeza made it 6-2. 

With a few minutes remaining Lynx were able to get two more goals, Martin Martin & Duarte getting the goals. The game restarted and Lynx were crowned champions of the Futsal Super Cup. 


GFA Futsal: Weekend Round Up

Round Up of this weekends Futsal action. 

Futsal 1st Division – No results

Futsal 2nd Division 

St Joseph’s South Trade 5-2 Lions FC B

Leo Bastion FC 4-10 Gibraltar Scorpions FC B

Boca Juniors Gib FC 5-7 Mons Calpe SC

Maccabi Alef 8-3 Young Boys Gib FC

Futsal 3rd Division 

Hercules FC 5-8 Special Olympics Gib FC

FC Hound Dogs 0-4 Saints New Team FC

Red Imps Lek Bangkok 1-3 Stallions FC

Maccabi Bet 2-13 Gibraltar Titans FC

Futsal 4th Division 

Atlas Lions FC 0-6 Lions FC C 





GFA Futsal: Weekend Round Up

The GFA Futsal division got underway this weekend. Here is a roundup of all the games in their respective divisions. 

Futsal 1st Division – No results

Futsal 2nd Division

Lions FC B 4-7 Gibraltar Scorpions FC B 

Mons Calpe S.C 4-5 St Joseph’s South Trade

Rock Solid FC 5-6 Leo Bastion FC

Young Boy Gib FC 2-3 Boca Juniors Gib FC

Maccabi Alef 5-5 Gunwharf FC

Futsal 3rd Division 

Special Olympics Gib FC 3-8 Rock 54 FC

Saints New Team FC 2-8 Laguna 55 FC

Gibraltar Titans FC 8-3 Hercules FC

Stallions FC 11-0 FC Hound Dogs

Red Imps Lek Bangkok 7-5 Maccabi Bet 

Futsal 4th Division

Moroccan Athletic 7-7 Newton Store FC

Lions FC C 4-2 FC Britannia XI 

Manchester 1962 FC 4-6 Gibraltar United FC

Humphries FC 3-4 Europa FC

Maccabi Gimal 0-6 Atlas Lions FC




Humphries Football Club – Futsal New Boys

The start of the Futsal 4th Division just recently created, this has seen the rise of players joining Futsal. One club which has been very active on social media is Humphries Football Club. The club was created by a group of friends with one common goal “for the love of futsal”. HFC have improved over the summer bringing in some good young talent, along the way we caught up with President Marios Souris as he gave us a bit more information about the club. 

Souris said, “As a group of friends who now we are three members of the club, Seth Galia, Harry Overett and Myself, we normally met up to play football in Humphries estate pitch. One day as we became a larger group we decided to take part in a number of charity 5aside tournaments where we realised we had potential to be a good squad to compete in the Futsal leagues. Later on in the year we one day decided to play against Gibraltar Phoenix and after a positive result and managing to find ourselves a sponsor from Tradewise Insurance we decided to enter the team in the 2015/16 season. After a lot of hard work to form this unique club behind the scenes and after the positive results in preseason we hope for a strong start to the season and as an objective to finish at least mid table or even higher to show everyone who Humphries truly are!

We caught up with Humphries captain Liam Moreno as he introduced us to the players, “Humphries is a group of friends from school which really liked football but some just want to play with friends instead of competing in the 11-a-side which players and managers take more serious. We have a balanced squad which most players are capable of playing in most positions outfield. We have 12 players in Humphries so starting from the back, our keeper goes by the name of Marios Souris which as a player and captain I have a lot of confidence with behind me. Our defenders are Daniel Prince, Harry Overett, Adam berllaque, Ismael Garcia and myself Liam Moreno. Ismael and myself are also capable of playing in a higher role. Our strikers consist off Joel Gerada, Jay Pitaluga, Sam Pitaluga, Liam Victory, Seth Galia and Boris Gradečak.

Humphries preseason schedule was quite hectic playing against countless teams from all divisions in Gibraltar, “Our Pre-Season has been outstanding, when we have had our full squad we have showed we are capable of beating teams in higher divisions than us by a number of goals. I do believe we have drawn two games and won the rest.” 

Lastly, Liam gave us HFC’s aspirations for this season, “As the captain of Humphries, I personally would want to be top 5 maybe even pushing for promotion but this is what I would want but a more realistic view would be around mid table maybe lower as we are still very young but I have no doubt we could be up there if all players are committed and give everything they have got every time they go on that pitch.” 

Football Gibraltar would like to thanks Marios Souris & Liam Moreno for their time and wish Humphries Football Club the best of luck for the future.