FG Awards 20: Part 2 – Young Player, Player, and Team of the Season

Part Two of the FG Awards sees Adam Roberts and Daniel Griffin pick their Young Player, Player and Team of the Season while the Fans also have their say.

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Young Player of the Season – Jayce Olivero (Europa FC)

Adam – This category was a close one with Jayce and Ethan having great seasons while Jaron kept up his good form from earlier on in the season with Mons and carried it over with him to his new club Brunos Magpies.

I’ve opted for Jayce on the basis that Europa overall had a better season than Lincoln which saw Jayce have more freedom to galavant up the pitch with freedom. Not to take anything away from Ethan, he’s been one of Lincoln’s few consistently good performers and his free-kick against Lynx is one of the best goals, I’ve seen in years.

Daniel – As Adam said, this was a tough choice this season – there were a number of good young players in the league, but no stand-out obvious winner (like say Tjay De Barr last season).

Both Britto and Vinet were very good performers for their clubs over the course of the season, and I’d expect them to get even better next season, but given his teams overall success, and his consistency in the squad (no Gibraltarian player played more minutes in the league than his 1,451 this season), I’d agreed with Jayce Olivero just pipping Britto to first spot.

Other contenders: 2nd Ethan Britto (Lincoln Red Imps), 3rd Jaron Vinet (Magpies)

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Player of the Season – Liam Walker (Europa FC)

Adam This season almost brought back the Liam Walker of old (I’m talking about seasons 16/17 with Lincoln and 17/18 with Europa). His stats do all the talking with 23 goals in 22 games and 26 assists.

Juanfri caps off an excellent season with 27 goals in all competitions and Juampe rounds the list, showing at 36 years old, he can still compete at the top.

DanielWalker’s stats are phenomenal this season, and are a big part of why Europa have been as good as they have been this season – 20+ goals and 20+ assists don’t come easily for anyone, and at times Walker has shown why he has spent parts of his career playing professionally in England.

Both Juanfri and Juampe have also had good seasons – for Juanfri it is another good showing in local football, while Juampe joined in the summer and immediately showed the class that saw him play for Balona for 9 seasons – however Walker came out on top over both of them and as such is my Player of the Season.

Other contenders: 2nd Juanfri (St Joseph’s), 3rd Juampe (Europa)

Adam – Team of the Season (3-4-3)

  • GK – Dayle Coleing (Europa)
  • CB – Olmo Gonzalez Casado (Europa)
  • CB – Sergio Sanchez (Europa)
  • CB – Ezequiel Rojas (St Joseph’s)
  • RM – Juan Pedro ‘Juampe’ Rico Dominguez (Europa)
  • CM – Alejandro Carrascal (Europa)
  • CM – Cristian Pecci (St Joseph’s)
  • LM – Domingo Ferrer Lopez (St Joseph’s)
  • RW – Liam Walker (Europa)
  • ST – Juan Francisco ‘Juanfri’ García Peña (St Joseph’s)
  • LW – Enrique ‘Kike’ Gomez Bernal (Lincoln Red Imps)

Daniel – Team of the Season (4-3-3)

  • GK – Dayle Coleing (Europa)
  • RB – Ezequiel Rojas (St Joseph’s)
  • CB – Olmo Gonzalez Casado (Europa)
  • CB – Sergio Sanchez (Europa)
  • LB – Jayce Olivero (Europa)
  • CM – Liam Walker (Europa)
  • CM – Cristian Pecci (St Joseph’s)
  • CM – Alejandro Carrascal (Europa)
  • RW – Juan Pedro ‘Juampe’ Rico Dominguez (Europa)
  • ST – Juan Francisco ‘Juanfri’ Garcia Peña (St Joseph’s)
  • LW – Enrique ‘Kike’ Gomez Bernal (Lincoln Red Imps)

Fans Awards

Young Player of the Season:

  1. Ayoub El Hmidi (Mons Calpe) – 400 votes
  2. Jayce Olivero (Europa) – 379 votes
  3. Ethan Britto (Lincoln Red Imps) – 164 votes

Player of the Season:

  1. Liam Walker (Europa) – 385 votes
  2. Dayle Coleing (Europa) – 340 votes
  3. Enrique Gomez Bernal (Lincoln Red Imps) – 169 votes

Team of the Season:

  • GK – Dayle Coleing (Europa) – 585 votes
  • RB – Jack Sergeant (Europa) – 299 votes
  • LB – Jayce Olivero (Europa) – 484 votes
  • CB – Bernardo Lopes (Lincoln Red Imps) – 283 votes
  • CB – Olmo Gonzalez Casado (Europa) – 355 votes
  • CM – Nacho Fernandez (Magpies) – 289 votes
  • CM – Aymen Mouelhi (St Joseph’s) – 240 votes
  • RM – Lee Casciaro (Lincoln Red Imps) – 211 votes
  • LM – Liam Walker (Europa) – 344 votes
  • ST – Juan Francisco ‘Juanfri’ García Peña (St Joseph’s) – 409 votes
  • ST – Enrique ‘Kike’ Gomez Bernal (Lincoln Red Imps) – 435 votes

Lynx duo awarded August Player & Manager of the month

Lynx duo Alberto Valdivia & Albert Parody have been awarded FG Player & Manager of the Month for August.

FG Player of the Month – Alberto Valdivia (Lynx)

Alberto has had a great start to the season, scoring three goals and a few assists. The 23-year old will spearhead the Lynx attack, and if the Spaniard can strike up a partnership with Marko Marcius & Mohamed Badr, we could be looking at this season’s dark-horses.

  1. Alberto Valdivia (Lynx)
  2. Tamupiwa Dimairo (FCB Magpies)
  3. Juanfri Pena Garcia (St Joseph’s)

FG Manager of the Month – Albert Parody (Lynx)

Albert has put together a good squad which has performed excellently so far. The 51-year old has brought in some good players in the summer, mixed in with good local players while managing to keep the main nucleus of the team from last season.

  1. Albert Parody (Lynx)
  2. David Wilson (FCB Magpies)
  3. Raul Procopio (St Joseph’s)

Part Two of FG Awards 2019 announced

Part Two of the FG Awards 2019 has come to close with over 2000 votes casted – below is Adam Roberts & Daniel Griffin’s winners and the fans ones too.

FG Young Player of the Season – Tjay De Barr (Europa)

Adam – It was a no-brainer really. Tjay has been sensational this year and been the leading light in a difficult campaign for Europa. His pace, skill and eagerness to take on defenders has been a delight to watch and he will be sorely missed next season – good luck for the future.

Dan – Much like what Adam said, this was a no-brainer, with De Barr excelling more than perhaps even he may have expected in the last season. Tjay has a bright future, and the move to Oviedo should be great for his development.

FG Player of the Season – Bernardo Lopes (Lincoln Red Imps)

Adam – Bernardo has been arguably Lincoln’s best player, not just this season, but for many. The Portuguese has always been someone the Imps can rely on in those nervy situations and nearly always comes out on top. A big time player and one which Lincoln won’t want to lose.

Dan – Lopes makes the game look remarkably easy at times and is a colossus at the back for Lincoln. He’s been consistent for a good while now, and is a key reason this year why his side retained their title.

Adam Roberts’ Team of the Season

  • Jamie Robba (St Joseph’s)
  • Marcos Perez Trujillo (Lincoln Red Imps)
  • Fede Villar (Mons Calpe)
  • Bernardo Lopes (Lincoln Red Imps)
  • Ethan Jolley (Europa)
  • Anthony Hernandez (Lincoln Red Imps)
  • Mustapha Yahaya (Europa)
  • Nahuel Pereyra (Mons Calpe)
  • Tjay De Barr (Europa)
  • Salvador ‘Boro’ Delgado (St Joseph’s)
  • Leonardo Carboni (Mons Calpe)

Daniel Griffin’s Team of the Season

  • Jamie Robba (St Joseph’s)
  • Marcos Perez Trujillo (Lincoln Red Imps)
  • Fede Villar (Mons Calpe)
  • Bernardo Lopes (Lincoln Red Imps)
  • Ethan Jolley (Europa)
  • Alex Quillo (Europa)
  • Mustapha Yahaya (Europa)
  • Tjay De Barr (Europa)
  • Salvador ‘Boro’ Delgado (St Joseph’s)
  • Juanfri Garcia Pena (St Joseph’s)
  • Juan Pablo ‘Pibe’ Pereira (Mons Calpe)

FG’s Lower Team of the Season

  • Alejandro Caro (Lynx)
  • David Bautista (Lynx)
  • Brad Power (Lynx)
  • Juanma Ferrer (Glacis)
  • ‘Chuky’ Gonzalez (Lynx)
  • Nacho Fernandez (Glacis)
  • Alan Parker (Glacis)
  • Federico Cataruozzolo (Lynx)
  • Mohamed Badr (Lynx)
  • Alberto Caravaca (Lions)
  • Alberto Valdivia (Lynx)

FG Second Division Player of the Season – Matheus Assumpcao (Brunos Magpies)

Dan – Assumpcao has proven to be an inspired signing for Magpies this season, and while the term “Brazilian Flair” may sound like a cliche, the playmaker has done that to Brunos – you only have to see his goal vs Hound Dogs on the last game of the season. It will be interesting to see how he adapts to the top division next season.

FG Second Division Young Player of the Season – Egbo Godwin (FC Olympique)

Adam – After failing to make much of an impact last season, Egbo has been superb for Olympique in time around. Bossing the midfield at times, had a good partnership with Carenote and was one of Olympique’s most consistent players. It’s also worth to mention that his team-mate Uche was close in second.

FG Second Division Manager of the Season – David Wilson (Brunos Magpies)

Dan – Wilson has managed to guide his side to league and cup success, as well as the quarter finals of the Gibtelecom Rock Cup – even more impressively doing it with a vastly reduced squad for half of it. In truth, he has deserved to be managing in the top tier, and next season will be a challenge for him, but one I think he’ll thrive on.

Fans Young Player of the Season:

  1. Tjay De Barr (Europa)
  2. Ethan Britto (Mons Calpe)
  3. Chico Rubio (Gibraltar United)

Fans Player of the Season:

  1. Bernardo Lopes (Lincoln Red Imps)
  2. Tjay De Barr (Europa)
  3. Juan Pablo ‘Pibe’ Pereira (Mons Calpe)

Fans Team of the Season:

  • Marcos Zappacosta (Mons Calpe)
  • Miguel Londero (Mons Calpe)
  • Gonzalo Guijaro (Gibraltar United)
  • Aymen Mouelhi (Gibraltar United)
  • Bernardo Lopes (Lincoln Red Imps)
  • David Gomez Prieto (Gibraltar United)
  • Ernesto Cornejo (St Joseph’s)
  • Domingo Ferrer (St Joseph’s)
  • Manuel Arana (Europa)
  • Tjay De Barr (Europa)
  • Leonardo Carboni (Mons Calpe)

Fans Lower Team of the Season:

  • Bradley Banda (Lynx)
  • Courtney Lewis (Glacis United)
  • Jared Buhagiar (Lions)
  • Brad Power (Lynx)
  • Yassin El Melki (Glacis United)
  • Antonio Gonzalez Garcia (Lynx)
  • Nacho Fernandez (Glacis United)
  • Andres Jesus Medina (Lynx)
  • Mohamed Badr (Lynx)
  • Gabriele Novello (Glacis United)
  • Naoufal El Andaloussi (Glacis United)


Premier Division awards announced

As the Premier Division season drew to a close nearly two months ago, Adam Roberts & Daniel Griffin dished out a few accolades. 

The Football Gibraltar duo chose their top player and manager from the 2016/17 Premier Division season, as well as picking their ultimate XI from the campaign.

We also gave a chance for the fans to vote which is posted below. Continue reading