Mons Calpe qualify for Europa Conference League

After last night’s Rock Cup Final result, Mons Calpe confirmed their place in Europe for the first time, subject to the club having been granted their UEFA License.

Photo (C) Rough & Ready

Mons Calpe watched on with interest as Lincoln beat Glacis 2-0 last night – had Glacis won they would have taken the final European spot, however, with Lincoln eventually winning the cup, the final European spot, as in previous seasons, went back to the league, meaning Mons, who finished in 4th, six points above Lynx, were the beneficiaries of Gibraltar’s first season where they claimed four European spots.

They will therefore join both Europa and St Joseph’s in the first qualifying round of the newly-formed Europa Conference League, subject to receiving their UEFA License. This has so far not been an issue for either Lincoln, Europa or St Joseph’s, but for Mons Calpe this may potentially prove to be a stumbling block.

The club are alleged to have unpaid debts to settle with former players and staff, with the teams then players staging a sit-down protest in 2019 – two players subsequently went to FIFA with their claims; now-Glacis player Miguel Londero, and Nicolas Trecco, who is currently playing in Argentina. Mons were ordered to pay Trecco, but in the case of Londero the case appeared to be recommended to back to the Gibraltar court of law.

If those two issues, and any other alleged issues have in fact been settled, then it would be expected that Mons receive their UEFA License and participate in Europe for the first time. However, should they fail the license, the last European spot is likely to then drop down to the next eligible league team (as is the case in other UEFA countries normally) – in this case that would be Lynx in 5th place who would benefit, presuming they too have a UEFA License.