Yeo: “I hope to improve on my football”

FG caught up with Sam Yeo to get his thoughts on his time at Glacis, life at his new club Next Stars Academy and more.

Yeo joined Glacis last summer and would make 7 appearances in the Gibraltar National League before his move abroad – Sam reflected on his time at the club, “I enjoyed my short time at Glacis, and if it weren’t for them, I wouldn’t be where I am today. I stopped playing football for a year when I left Lincoln in 2019, but Bennie Brinkman approached me last summer and asked if I wanted to play for Glacis. I originally joined their U23’s but ended up becoming a regular in the first-team.

We asked Sam how the move to Next Stars Academy came about, “Phillip Debono worked with an old teammate of mine Julián Del Río which is now at Cordoba, we’ve played together since the age of 5. Phillip approached me and if I was interested in joining the Academy which I agreed.

Next Stars Academy is based in Cadiz and is affiliated with the La Liga team – we asked Sam how he’s finding life in a new city and team, “At the beginning, it was quite hard. After the first week, I’ve got used to it and now a month later, it feels just like home. I get along well with my teammates, met new people from all around the world and have had a great experience so far.

Lastly, we asked the 18-year old about what he hopes to achieve this season – “Firstly, I hope to improve on my football. Not only technically but physically too, I am feeling a much better player now. Secondly, hopefully, play for a Spanish club by the end of the season.

Speaking to FG, Phillip Debono reflected on Sam’s move – “Sam joining the academy is a good move for hin. They have a proper training programme from Monday to Friday where they train twice a day and a third either gym or pool session. The academy, this year, for the very first time is participating in Tercera Andaluza and can be called up to the senior squad at any given time. It’s nice to have scouts from other clubs who frequently visit matches but most importantly the academy has links with some top clubs in Europe and their affiliation with Cadiz CF. Several players such as Ruben Galiano, Nacho Pericet and Geovanni Barba play for Real Betis Balompie and have all been helped by the academy director Antonio Valero. Other players such as Angel Rueda, who is at Sevilla was also helped by Antonio Valero. Hopefully, Sam is the first of many Gibraltarians to be able to be sent abroad to pursue their dreams of obtaining a professional football contract wherever it may be.

He added, “I would like to thank Antonio for taking on Sam and I’m sure we will be able to continue working in sending local players abroad.