Gibraltar National League: State of Play

With the Gibraltar National League set to resume after over two months of inactivity, we look at the current state of play for all 11 teams currently in the league.

Photo (C) David Roberts

St Joseph’s – 1st

St Joseph’s currently find themselves top of the league on goal difference from Europa, but that could all change as the pair face off on Wednesday evening. Saints then finish off Round 1 with an equally tough match against Lincoln – their results in these two games could determine their potential title chances.

Europa – 2nd

Europa’s record with St Joseph’s is currently identical (played eight, won seven, drawn one), and the aforementioned match on Wednesday will be some return to action for Rafa Escobar’s side. They then finish off their Round 1 with what seems a comfortable three points on paper against College 1975, before tougher tests in the Championship Group.

Lincoln – 3rd

Lincoln currently find themselves three points off the pace, owing to a defeat to Lynx before the stoppage of the league. However, the game against St Joseph’s could be pivotal if Mick McElwee’s side want to push on for a title challenge, presuming they beat Glacis in their first match back on Thursday.

Lynx – 4th

Despite Lynx’s impressive start to the season, they have not quite qualified for the Championship Group left. A draw in either of their final two games vs Mons Calpe or Lions should guarantee it, but if they were to lose it, then they may be looking for a little help from teams around them to secure a top six spot going into the split.

Mons Calpe – 5th

One of the three teams in the top six battle with a game in hand, Mons have two big matches vs Bruno’s Magpies and Lynx in the same week, before ending their round against Manchester. Realistically, they can not afford to drop many points, but should they beat Magpies on Tuesday, their top six hopes would look very good.

Lions – 6th

Another team with three games to go, Lions start the return of football with a match against College 1975 which they simply have to win. After that, they face Europa Point on Friday which Albert Ferri’s side will need to take three points from realistically, before a final game showdown vs Lynx which, depending on how the rest of the league goes, could be vital in deciding one of the final top six spots. On paper though, Lions have a good chance of getting top six.

Glacis – 7th

Albeit on the same points as Lions, Glacis only have one fixture left, which is against Lincoln, so their top six hopes are pretty much written off given the teams around them have up to three games left. They have beaten the teams they would expect to this season, and will go into the Challenge Group hopeful of a very good showing.

Bruno’s Magpies – 8th

Magpies won’t be happy sitting in eighth, but know that, like Lions, they have two very winnable games against Europa Point and College. However, it is their match on Tuesday vs Mons that is key – win that and top six is very likely, lose it and they will be definitely be getting nervous about finishing top six – failure to do so would be a massive underachievement for Magpies.

Manchester 62 – 9th

Guaranteed to be in the Challenge Group, Manchester have revamped their team in January, with notable signings including Ryan Casciaro and Robert Guiling. They have one final match vs Mons, where they may fancy their chances of acting as a spoiler in the top six battle, but after that they’ll have to plan for an improved showing in the split.

Europa Point – 10th

Europa Point will definitely be hoping for better times in the Challenge Group, but they too have revamped their squad. They could have an impact in the top six battle, when they play both Magpies and Lions in their final two fixtures, and after that it will simply be about improving on the three points they currently have this season.

College 1975 – 11th

It understandably hasn’t been an easy season again for College, who will unsurprisingly be in the Challenge Group, but with a few new signings in, they will be targeting potential results after the split no doubt – their three games before the split don’t look like realistic point targets, but improved performances would give them confidence going into the split.