Espinosa: “This club has the ability to be much higher than where it is now”

FG caught up with College 1975 manager Angel Espinosa to talk about his sides season so far, the new signings the club have made, and more.

Photo (C) David Roberts

College 1975 sit bottom of the league, and are looking for their first points of the season, so how does Espinosa rate how his club have done? “The season is being a bit expected both due to the circumstances of COVID and the results.

When my coaching staff and I signed at the club, we knew what we were going to find and where we were coming from. The team was very young in almost all positions and today with young players and with little experience it is difficult to compete in this League.

However, it is true that we expected to be able to score and we should have done so had it not been for reasons beyond our control. Our intention is to try to reverse the image of the club in the competition. This club has the ability to be much higher than where it is now, it only takes a little time, because the work has been done since we arrived and the board is helping us a lot in all the needs that we have.”

College have made a number of signings this winter, including Etien Victory, former Boca duo Mattia Ramundo and Guillermo Perez, as well as the loan signing of Adam Gracia from Europa – are these areas Espinosa felt needed strengthening in particular? “As I have said before, we knew where we were starting from when we joined the team, and well, we already had in mind and we knew that we should strengthen ourselves in this winter window.”

College are confirmed to be in the Challenge Group, a group they ended last season with a 5-5 draw vs Europa Point in – is the La Linea-born manager targeting this stage again for positive results? “In this first round, we hoped that we could try to achieve 2 or 3 victories and a draw, which unfortunately could not be the case, but now I hope the forecasts are fulfilled and we hope to see a much more competitive team that will not go out to field to hold goals against, if not a team that will try to compete in all the games and win as many games as possible.”

Finally, we asked Espinosa how the current lockdowns experienced in Gibraltar and Spain have affected preparations for upcoming games: “It has been quite negative for everyone. We haven’t been able to touch the ball since mid-December. It is true that the kids are making an effort with the work our physical trainer sends them but we all know that doing work at home is not the same as doing it on the field with the rest of the team.

However, the rest of the teams have been the same, so we cannot make excuses and we will try to make sure that this affects us as little as possible on the return from the competition.”