Del Rio: “It feels amazing to sign for this club”

FG caught up with Julian Del Rio to talk about his move to Cordoba, rehabilitation and more.

After signing his pre-contract in September, Julian was officially unveiled as a Cordoba this month – we asked the 19-year old how it feels to have signed, “Honestly, it feels amazing to sign for this club and experience new things.”

A long rehabilitation process followed for Julian after his surgery, we asked him how it went – “My rehabilitation went great. I always had a positive mindset and kept working on my foot, so once I came back it would be stronger.

We asked Julian how he has found life in Cordoba and the city, “At first. I was a bit lost, but once I got to know the area and meet my teammates, I was able to move around with no problem. Life in my new teams feels great. It means new goals, challenges and experiences. My teammates and the staff have really made me feel apart of the team, I immediately felt comfortable and confident.

Julian told us about what he hopes to achieve this season, “I would love to get minutes in a few games this season as I’ve been out for such a long time. I need to get the feel of the pitch and the ball back.