Witbreuk – “It isn’t easy to beat us”

FG caught up with Dutch striker Wessel Witbreuk to talk about Glacis’ season so far, finishing in the top six and more.

Witbreuk reflected on Glacis’ season so far, “We have a talented group of players but restrictions due to Covid has made it difficult for us to show it on the pitch. We weren’t able to train as a full squad which effected us on the pitch, especially tactically. I think we have done alright this season and we’ve made it difficult for teams to beat us. We need to be more consistent so we can get more points.

We asked Wessel how he has found life in Gibraltar, “We have really enjoyed being in Gibraltar. It is special to see when you cross the border it is a completely different life. Everyone is very friendly and has made me feel very welcome in our first season in Gibraltar.

Glacis currently sit in seventh with their final game of the round against Lincoln Red Imps. We asked Wessel if he feels Glacis’ can finish in the top six – “If the league splits into two then it will be really difficult for us as we only have one game to play. Lincoln will be a hard game but we showed against Europa that it won’t be easy to beat us. We have shown a lot of improvements during the last nine matches and will be trying our best to get a result against Lincoln.

Lastly, the 22-year old told us about his aspirations for the season – “I hope we can continue to improve as we have in previous matches and become more consistent. It would be nice to qualify for the top six but we have a chance in the Rock Cup to show our qualities.”

Witbreuk added, “My personals goals are to help the team with goals, assists and hard work. I want to continue improving in training and matches so I am ready for the next step in my career.