Hernandez: “Parody has made a very good group both on and off the field”

FG caught up with Lynx’s Dylan Hernandez to talk about his sides season far, targeting European qualification this season and more.

Photo (C) David Roberts

Hernandez signed in the summer and has been one of Lynx’s key players – how does the attacker see the club’s season having gone so far? “The Lynx season this year for me has been very good, we have good dynamics and have won matches, including against Lincoln, and Albert Parody has made a very good group both on and off the field, and that is reflected when playing.”

With four European spots on offer this season after the creation of the Europa Conference League, Lynx are among the teams looking to qualify for Europe for the first time in their footballing history (their futsal team being regulars in Europe already) – is Europe the objective for the 24-year-old? “Totally, it is to compete for Europe this year, I think we have a team to qualify and that is the main objective.”

Two Hernandez’ have caught the eye for Lynx this season, with both Dylan, and Aritz Hernandez proving key for the club, so we asked about the partnership the pair have struck up, and how important Aritz has been in Dylan’s view for the club this season: “It’s normal of teammates and more being forwards both, as for the importance that he has in the team, I do not know what to answer for me, he is a teammate, all are important because without the others he would not score goals.”

Finally, we asked Hernandez what his goals were as a footballer in 2021: “My goal is to grow as much as possible and fulfill my dreams of being a professional footballer.”