El Andaloussi: “I have had a really good season so far”

FG caught up with Naoufal El Andaloussi to talk about Mons Calpe, Futsal and more.

Naoufal reflected on his season so far with Mons Calpe currently sitting fifth in the league, “I have had a really good season so far, getting a lot of game time. Unfortunately, we are living in challenging times, I just hope this will end soon, and I can’t wait to get back on the pitch. We have to maintain positive and keep focused till the time is right.

Mons’ current head coach Cesar Vegas took over in the summer from Luis Manuel Blanco, we asked Naoufal how he has found life under the Uruyguan – “I have been playing under C├ęsar Vega for nearly a year now. He is very supportive, focused and loves the game.

After a successful trip to Northern Ireland with the Gibraltar Futsal National Team last year, we asked Naoufal how he feels Futsal has progressed over the years – “That winning feeling is great for a nation like us. I can say we have been working hard collectively with such a young squad and we will achieve more success in the future.

Naoufal told us about his objectives for the season, “My aim is clear this year, I hope we can secure our 4th spot to get to compete in Europe. Every game is a final, we have to maintain focused and keep working hard in our final 3 games of the round.