Boca forfeit again

FC Boca Juniors’ days in Gibraltar football look to be numbered as the Gibraltar FA confirm their forfeit against Mons Calpe this afternoon.

What was supposed to be an interesting contest between two teams looking at that extra-spot in Europe, has now been called off. News reached us last night of a possible forfeit on the cards with the Boca players potentially refusing to play.

It is believed that the Boca players have refused to play due to unpaid wages which stretch for over two months. The owners reportedly tried to strike a deal with the squad last night and this morning with a payment of one month being sent next Tuesday but to no avail.

Boca currently find themselves in a hole too deep to climb up with the club currently appealling their forfeit against Glacis, and now today’s cancellation is surely the nail in the coffin for their existence in Gibraltar football.