Gibraltar FA unveil new logo and visual identity

On their 125th anniversary year, and ahead of the Nations League this weekend, the Gibraltar FA have unveiled their new logo and visual identity this evening.

Photo (C) Gibraltar FA

In a statement released this evening, the GFA said: “This year marks the Gibraltar FA’s 125th Anniversary. Unfortunately, due to the global COVID-19 pandemic and the direct effect that it has had on our community, the Association has been unable to stage its planned programme of events to celebrate this historic occasion.
Nevertheless, it was important that this landmark year be recognised with one significant change, and that it be introduced in time for Gibraltar’s upcoming UEFA Nations League campaign this Saturday at the Victoria Stadium.
Working closely with the UEFA Grow programme, which aims at developing ‘Football Federations of the Future’ amongst its 55 members, the Gibraltar FA embarked upon an in depth project to redesign its logo and visual identity with UEFA’s industry experts’ research into the current logo laying the foundation for both the design work and its overall look and feel.
In scoping and researching the new logo, the Association was clear that its new visual focal point should be intertwined with iconic imagery of our beloved nation, and reflect a modern, forward-thinking visual and corporate identity to drive the Gibraltar FA into the new decade and the next generation.”

GFA General Secretary, Ivan Robba, commented on the new design, saying: “The new logo is a key part of launching the Gibraltar FA into a new, modern and professional sporting Association. We were very clear that we wanted a unique and relevant new identity that is in keeping with global footballing trends but simultaneously reflecting the Association’s core values and principles. The iconic image of the Rock of Gibraltar watching over the Victoria Stadium has, for decades, inspired generations of Gibraltarian Footballers and the further this concept was developed the clearer it became that this needed to be central to our new identity. The
two upward pointing chevrons on the logo represent the Gibraltar FA moving into a new dawn without forgetting the sterling work that has been done by everyone involved in the Association since it was founded in 1895. From now on, wherever a Gibraltar National Football team take the field of play they will be wearing the Rock of Gibraltar on their chests.”

Finally, UEFA’s National Associations Director, Zoran Lakovic, had this to say about the new logo and VI: “We are delighted to see the Gibraltar FA rebranding itself as a launch pad into the next decade. The new logo, featuring the spectacular Rock of Gibraltar clearly shows that the association has the passion and commitment to grow and develop Gibraltarian football whilst at the same time never forgetting the core values that make it one of the oldest Football Associations in the world.
Image is one of the core pillars of UEFA Grow Programme and I would like to congratulate the Gibraltar FA on the brilliant work that has been done in researching, developing, designing and creating this amazing new visual identity and brand for the Association, and we look forward to seeing it worn with true Gibraltarian passion and pride in football stadia across Europe.”