Warwick: “The support from the team was incredible”

We caught up with goalkeeper Frank Warwick to chat about life at Manchester 62, the 100,000m elevation challenge and more.

Firstly, we asked Frank to review his first season at Manchester 62 – “I think it was an all-round positive season for me. After many years at St Joseph’s, it was time to come out of my comfort zone and fight for some first-team game time. I started the season well playing consistently under Jeff Wood and the team got some positive results. We then had a period of transition with the changes of manager but under Davie Wilson, the team has again built a family feeling with a squad-based around local and young talent. I look forward to the new season and continue to battle it out for the number 1 spot.”

Frank is currently doing a 100,000m elevation challenge – we asked him what it means, “I am raising funds for 2 charities; A pathway through pain and Lymphoma Research. The challenge is simple yet brutal, I will be cycling over 4000km in the months of June, July & August but even more gruesome will be the equivalent task of cycling to the Top of the Rock 300 times.”

He added, “To put things into perspective, I must cycle to the Top of the Rock on average, 3-4 times a day in order to reach my target by the end of August. If we compare my challenge to something, well the Tour de France has a total elevation gain of just under 30,000m”

Assisting him during the challenge has been his team-mates at Bavaria, alongside his personal friends – we asked how it feels to be doing the challenge with his team, “The support from the team was incredible and it really makes the 2/3 hour rides more bearable. It can really be mentally exhausting and hard to motivate yourself to go out in the heat every day but having people join you really gives you that extra push! I hope they, as well as others, will join me over the next 70 days.”

Frank revealed what he hopes to achieve from the challenge, “I have always wanted to push myself to my physical limit and never had the courage to take the plunge. Raising funds and awareness for two charities so close to my heart led me to believe now was the right time to finally invest the time and effort into giving something back. I think the challenge will also help with my resilience which I can incorporate into not only sport but everyday life.”

You can support him via–Mq3ci8dhQd__N02a0V4woLs.