Robba: “We are hoping to inspire people to help support and donate”

We caught up with goalkeeper Jamie Robba to talk about St Joseph’s season, the Calendar Club, and more.

We asked Jamie Robba what he made of St Joseph’s season, “Well, I believe it was a successful season with signs of progression from the year before. “Finishing” second above Lincoln and being in the title race against Europa till the end. We are showing as a club that we are growing each year and who knows what could have happened in the Rock Cup or League if we were allowed to continue competing.”

After 3 years at the club, we asked Jamie what has changed this season compared to the previous ones – “We have grown as a squad and showed that throughout the season. We still have to keep improving if we want to be better than Lincoln and Europa. The competition itself in the league is growing and splitting the league into two groups made the top group very competitive and each game very difficult.”

Two days ago, Jamie Robba ran for the Calendar Club in a wedding dress – we asked him what it is about, “We are running 465km in the month of June. There are four runners and we each have to run the kms in correlation with the day of the month. So on the 1st 1km, on the 3rd 3km, on the 20th 20km, 21st 21km – all the way up to 30km. We are are doing this to raise money for Calpe House, which is a charitable foundation that helps Gibraltarians who need specialised medical procedures in the UK.”

We asked Jamie what he hopes to achieve with the Calendar Club, “We set out a target of 10 grand but after the overwhelming support shown by the community, we might surpass that and look to hit another target of a larger sum! Through the Calendar Club, we are hoping to inspire people to help support and donate. Also to motivate people to run with us and perhaps aspire them to keep a fitter healthier life.”

Finally, Jamie spoke about his goals for next season – “I would love to get back in the National squad as it is any locals’ ambition to be a part of that squad. I will always work my hardest to try and get back in. Regarding my club, I want to keep growing and improving – pushing Lincoln and Europa to break that “Big 2” as we did this season.”