Lynx come out in support of decisions to finalize football and futsal seasons

Lynx FC have this afternoon issued a statement, where they have said they support the decisions made to finalize the league in both football and futsal.

Photo (C) Lynx FC

Lynx, who were fourth in the Gibraltar National League, and first in the Futsal Premier Division, said it was “easier said than done” to try and not declare the leagues or cups null and void, while also confirming that it is “business as usual” at the club, who have confirmed they are maintaining their “posture toward protecting the interest” of their players and staff.

Lynx also reference the high number of minutes given to Home Grown Players in football season, as reported by Football Gibraltar earlier this week, where Lynx had given the third most minutes to HGP’s, and the most of any of the top six teams in the league. While they say that they had a mathematical chance of finishing third, and potentially securing a Europa League spot, they state they are “realistic and humble enough to say that Lincoln deserves the third spot and are the better team this season.”

Lynx have become the first team to publicly support the decision to finalise and null and void the leagues, after Europa FC and Mons Calpe SC voiced their opposition in earlier statements, and Lynx’s support is notable given that in futsal they have been denied a league title despite being 11 points clear of Europa in second, with a game to go before the playoffs.

The club also note they received the £5,000 prize money for qualifying for the UEFA Futsal Champions League, which the club, who are the only team to have represented Gibraltar in futsal in Europe, state that it was thanks to them the prize money was introduced. Lynx state “Considering the league Null or void, The Board was of the view that this amount should go to Lynx FC as its main purpose is to assist UEFA Futsal CL rep with the costs associated with the tournament.”

The final paragraph of the statement, which you can view here, sees Lynx say “The club will continue doing what we do best, and that is to speak the truth, support the community and push Locals to the highest stage of their careers.”

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