Gibraltar football unites in tough times

The Gibraltar football community has united together to show remarkable acts of gratitude, support, and kindness during these tough times.

With Covid-19 growing in Gibraltar, the staff at the Gibraltar Health Authority continue to work tirelessly to combat the virus and assist those who have it.

The Gibraltar Football Association has focused this week on helping those in the community and those working at the frontline during this pandemic. Apart from posting daily reminders on how to combat the virus, they have also done the following:

  • Donating £5000.00 to the GHA to purchase much needed extra Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).
  • Sponsoring and promoting GHA Social Media Activity.
  • Donating iPads to be used on the Hospital Wards to allow staff and patients to communicate with their loved ones during these difficult times.
  • Holding a weekly ‘Pizza Night’ where pizzas are distributed across all GHA & ERS sites for frontline staff.
  • Working with the Education Department to explore options for creating football-themed educational content for children.
  • Assisting GibSams in their efforts to raise awareness of Mental Health issues at this time and get people talking.

Gibraltar FA General Secretary Ivan Robba had this to say on the subject – ” “From the moment we suspended all competitions, we have redirected all our focus towards those in Gibraltar who need it the most during these times, and we will continue to do so until the final whistle has blown. The Gibraltar FA and all our members take social responsibility very seriously and we are aware that we can all provide meaningful assistance during these very difficult times. We, therefore, will continue to reach out to other bodies to offer our assistance. In the meantime, I take this opportunity of once again expressing our most sincere and heartfelt gratitude to all those incredible people out there fighting this awful disease on Gibraltar’s front line.”

It isn’t only the association which has gotten involved, Gibraltar international striker Tjay De Barr sent a number of pizzas to the nurses which his Aunty is stationed in a show of appreciation of their hard work.

It is believed that other clubs within the Gibraltar National League are expected to follow suit and show their support towards those working at the frontline during these tough times.

Europa FC posted this statement last weekend – ” Our HQ at Garrison Gym is being used to house the homeless during this difficult period. They won’t be able to go out but will get meals delivered to them.
At this moment we are asking if anyone has board games or other forms of entertainment for them to pass the hours. Toiletries will also be needed. Social Services will be at Clubhouse Gibraltar at 304 Main Street on Monday 30th March from 10am to 1pm to collect any public donations you may have. Many thanks to GSLA, E1 Developments and Restsso for their invaluable assistance! Stay at home and keep safe!”

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