More financial unrest for Mons Calpe

There is unrest in the Mons Calpe squad as players are speaking out on unpaid wages – a repeat of last season.

Near the end of last season, Mons Calpe players staged a sit-down protest over unpaid wages and once again, the club has continued to do so. Players are said to be owed for more than two months.

It is alleged that players from the squad were threatening to fail to turn up for the last two games but due to a rule in their contract which prevented them from doing so, they agreed not to turn up for training.

Their 7-0 defeat to Europa yesterday meant Lions qualified for a top 6 spot meaning Mons Calpe will be in the Challenge Group with Manchester 62, FC Boca Juniors, Europa Point, Glacis United and College 1975.

There are already questions being raised on whether the club will continue to run or pull out of the league completely.

Mons Calpe has confirmed to FG that they will be making an announcement soon.

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