New Futsal Leagues get underway this weekend

The long-awaited Futsal Premier & Championship Division 19/20 seasons get underway this weekend with a total of 23 clubs taking part.

The new rule introduced by the Gibraltar FA earlier this week will see 1 HGP on the pitch at all times for the duration of the whole match with the rule expected to rise to 2 for the 2020/21 season.

Each League (Premier and Championship) will ‘split’ after the 1st round of matches to allow a more balanced competition. The number of clubs in each half of the split will be determined by the final number of teams that registered in the respective Leagues by the 31st of August.

Premier Division teams:

  1. Bavaria FC
  2. College 1975
  3. Europa FC
  4. Inter Principia FC
  5. Koala FC
  6. Laguna 2007 FC
  7. Lynx FC
  8. Mons Calpe FC
  9. South United FC
  10. Spartans FC
  11. Zoca Bastion

Games to be played on Saturday 19th October & Sunday 20th October at the Tercentenary Sports Hall.

Championship Divison teams:

  1. Boca Juniors Gib FC
  2. Expendables FC
  3. FC Britannia
  4. FC Hound Dogs
  5. Hercules Football Club
  6. Lek Bangkok FC
  7. Lions Gib FC
  8. Maccabi FC
  9. Rock Solid FC
  10. Sporting FC
  11. St Joseph’s Football Club
  12. Stallions FC

Games to be played Saturday 19th October & Sunday 20th October at the Old Sports Hall.

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