Gibraltar National League: Team of the Week

Matchday 7 results

  • College 1975 0-4 Boca Juniors (Cortes x3, Chico Rubio)
  • Glacis United 2-3 Manchester 62 (Terranova x2; Clenahan, Perez, Montovio)
  • Lions Gibraltar 0-4 St Joseph’s (Juanfri x3, Boro)
  • Mons Calpe 0-2 Lincoln Red Imps (Colubali x2)
  • Europa Point 2-3 Magpies (Bent OG, Ahmedov; Moulds OG, Ford, Assumpcao)

  • GOALKEEPER: John Paul Hernandez (Lions)
  • DEFENDER: Ezequiel Rojas (St Joseph’s)
  • DEFENDER: Bernardo Lopes (Lincoln)
  • DEFENDER: Matthew Clenahan (Man 62)
  • MIDFIELDER: Michael Negrette (Man 62)
  • MIDFIELDER: Pietro Terranova (Glacis)
  • MIDFIELDER: Chico Rubio (Boca)
  • MIDFIELDER: Mattheus Assumpcao (Magpies)
  • STRIKER: Juanfri (St Joseph’s)
  • STRIKER: German Cortes (Boca)
  • STRIKER: Idelino Gomes Colubali (Lincoln)

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