Boro: “We proved to be up to the challenge”

After last night’s dramatic 2-2 draw against Europa, we caught up with St Joseph’s captain Boro to get his thoughts on the game in question, including the last minute penalty given against his side

Photo (C) Vanessa Correa

Saints were 2-0 up going into the 90th minute, and seemed to have the match wrapped up, but after Mikey Yome got a goal back, Europa threw the kitchen sink at Saints – Jamie Robba made a massive save to initially deny an equaliser, before Europa keeper Javi Munoz won a penalty in the dying seconds of the game. We asked Boro his thoughts of the game, and the incident: “Well I think how the game was played, although we had control of the game at all times before a great rival, it is true that being 90th minute winning, but not winning the game – it has a lot of merit and it is normal that in the final minutes a team like Europa presses, no we had to give so much in such a short time.

It is true that I do not understand how at the last minute a penalty can be given in a play that occurs in all corner kicks of all football matches, it is a contact game, but in summary I am happy with the work of the team that proved to be at a great level.

With teams pulling out of the league this season, the schedule is a bit erratic, and both teams from last night’s game now don’t play until October 20th – so how does that extended break affect teams, and how will Saints prepare in that break? “Well, it is important to train hard and try to play friendly matches to keep pace and form, since among the selection stops and I believe that the management and planning of the league has not been the most appropriate .. it is what it is and we have to strive to be our best.

Finally, despite the end result, Saints showed to many that they have every chance of winning the title this season, and Boro also agrees with that: “I think we played a good game and we proved to be up to the challenge of the league, although this is a long road and we will have to work hard to try to be at the top from now until the end of the competition.”

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