Pay up or Leave for Gibraltar United

The Gibraltar FA have allegedly informed Gibraltar United that if their debts aren’t fulfilled by next week then they will be removed from the Gibraltar National League.

April 3rd 2017 was the date news broke out of Gibraltar United partnering up with Victor Pablo Dana, CEO & Founder of Heritage Sports Holdings in Dubai and Real Madrid legend Michel Salgado, a move which was expected to provide more competition at the top of the league.

After finishing 4th place in 2017-18, one point behind St Joseph’s who qualified for Europa League, the following season saw a poor run of results before Christmas would ultimately prevent Gib Utd from any chance of competing higher up the table. However, they found themselves in the Gibtelecom Rock Cup final, which they would go on to lose 3-0 to Europa -and miss out on Europa League qualification for the second straight season.

While on the pitch results were good, financially, Gibraltar United were going through a tough time. Late payments were a regular occurrence for the players in 2017/18 and it would gradually get worse as the seasons went on from a few days to a few weeks and now a few months.

On the contrary to our post a few weeks back, we received confirmation that Pablo Dana is still within Gibraltar United but looking to sell the club. Leading up to the Gibtelecom Rock Cup final, players were still missing wages and still to this day, have received nothing which is now adding up to three months.

Past players such as Chino, Michael Negrette & Tito De Torres have confirmed to FG that they are missing two months wages while the players who are missing more than two months wages went on strike ,which meant last year’s squad didn’t turn up to train, while this season’s new recruits did.

FG understands that the new players had June’s house rent covered, but would have to pay extra so they could sort themselves out from then on. Still with no payments, players have been evicted from their houses and forced to cram into an overcrowded house. Unpaid wages mean that not only can the players not afford to feed themselves, certain individuals are sold a dream and cannot send money back to feed their own families.

The Gibraltar FA was informed of the current financial situation with Dana, signing a letter agreeing to pay all his debts – and if nothing is done before Monday 12th August then Gibraltar United will be removed from the league.

At the time of writing, we have been made aware that no payments have been made and certain individuals in the club have been told that it will remain that way.

Gibraltar United answered FG’s question – “The club and the GFA are currently in discussion. Once those discussions are over we will be in a position to make a statement.”

FG also reached out to the Gibraltar FA but at the time of publication were yet to receive a response.

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