Jayron Sevilla undertaking internship at Premier League side Bournemouth

FG caught up with Gibraltarian Jayron Sevilla, who after graduating from the University of Kent, is currently undertaking an internship at English Premier League side AFC Bournemouth.

1) How did your internship at Bournemouth come about?

“It was very spontaneous really. One of my lecturers sent an email which described the role being offered by the club and details to get in touch with their head physio. Surprisingly, it took a bit of convincing from my girlfriend and family to get me to finally apply. But eventually I sent my CV and cover note and within the next 3 days the club replied asking for an interview. From here I had to quickly arrange flights and hotels (I was in Gibraltar at this time) for the interview. Once the interview was done, it took them a bit less than a week to get back to me offering me the internship! It was all quite hectic to be honest, as the time between sending my first email and being offered the spot was only 2 weeks and a bit I’d say!”

2) How do you feel at this current stage?

“At this stage I feel much more confident in myself when it comes to dealing with players. The first week or two here were quite overwhelming as you can imagine, you’re meeting everyone, both staff and the players. I was also introduced to equipment I have never used at university before, so I had to learn on the job. But now, being a month in I can say I do feel comfortable and the fact that everyone here is friendly and very approachable has made things easy to be honest. However, I do still have a lot to learn and it’s good that pretty much every day I am learning something new.”

3) What’s next for you?

“I still have the whole exciting season here at AFC Bournemouth to look forward to but after this year the dream is to stay working with professional football. I will work hard and learn as many things as I can this year to either earn a spot within this club or perhaps some other club if possible. However, I am open to other options, as long as I can continue being a Sports Therapist. I would also like to get a Masters degree but I would prefer to achieve this while working. I understand it will be tough and a lot of effort must be put in, but I have been doing that for a few years now and I feel I can keep the momentum going!”

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