Mons Calpe players stage sit-down protest over unpaid wages

Mons Calpe’s players staged a sit-down protest in the first minute of their 5-2 win vs Gib United this evening over unpaid wages.

Mons, who can still finish 3rd and qualify for Europe, kicked off their game this evening and promptly chose to sit down for the first minute of the match as the players had not been paid on time and were understandably not happy at this.

Mons are not the only club in Gibraltar who have not had their players paid on time – there is worry throughout the league over teams not keeping up with their payments of players and staff – after one Premier Division game last month a player was heard arguing with the owner of the club he plays for in the main stand, about not being paid, and the player was told he could have left in January if he wanted to, so he apparently couldn’t complain about not being paid his wages full stop. Today’s actions though will bring to light the rumoured instability affecting a number of teams in Gib.

There are also concerns within certain teams about local players holding clubs to ransom over wages, and with the HGP rule rumoured to increase this summer, there are worries about Gibraltarian players demanding far more money than they are worth, knowing that clubs either have to pay them or sign inferior players and suffer on the pitch as a result.

With regards their game today, Mons managed to secure three points despite the protests – in fact they scored mere seconds after sitting down on the pitch through Lautaro Fernandez, and Leonardo Carboni followed up with a second goal 10 minutes later. Carboni scored in the second half for Mons, before picking up a hat-trick minutes later. Gib United managed to get one back through Aymen Mouelhi, before Nicolas Trecco added a 5th for his side. Achraf Nait scored a late consolation penalty, but despite the protest, Mons put in one of their best performances all season

At the time of writing, there was no confirmed word over whether Mons would face any punishment for their protests this evening.

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