Premier Division: Team of the Week

Matchday 22 results

  • Lions Gibraltar 0-8 Europa (Arana, Quillo, Arroyo, De Barr x2, Yahaya, Yome, Dimas)
  • Gibraltar Phoenix 0-2 Mons Calpe (Juanse, Pibe)
  • St Joseph’s 1-3 Lincoln Red Imps (Ferrer; Molina, Hernandez, L. Casciaro)
  • Gibraltar United 1-1 Lynx (Zapata; Power)
  • FC Boca Juniors 2-3 Glacis United (Moreno Nunez, Moulds; A. Serra, Hoyos, Parker)

GOALKEEPER: Kyle ‘Chino’ Goldwin (Gib Utd)

DEFENDER: Marcos Luis Perez Trujillo (Lincoln)

DEFENDER: Oscar Moreno Nunez (Boca)

DEFENDER: Ethan Santos (Mons Calpe)

MIDFIELDER: Juanse Pegalajar (Mons Calpe)

MIDFIELDER: Manuel Arana (Europa)

MIDFIELDER: Borja Gil Albarracin (Lincoln)

MIDFIELDER: David Bautista (Lynx)

MIDFIELDER: Mikey Yome (Europa)

STRIKER: Daniel Hoyos (Glacis)

STRIKER: Lee Casciaro (Lincoln)

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