Boca and Europa Point forfeit their respective matches

Last weekend saw FC Boca Juniors and Europa Point forfeit their respective matches after both teams breached the HGP rule. 

To the surprise of many last Saturday, Boca Juniors forfeited their Premier Division game against Europa with the newly promoted side unable to field the required 3 Home Grown Players. According to transfermarkt, Boca only have six locals registered but with Jamie Carlin injured and Julio Bado suspended while Jared Buhagiar, James Currer and Max Bothen were unavailable; only Nathan Santos was able to play. 

With the hearing expected to take place today and going by their previous sanction during the 2016/17 season – Boca have already forfeited and could be looking at a fine of £350.00. 

However, unsurprisingly, the continuous problems with Europa Point are there for everyone to see. From the team which scored 124 goals in their maiden league campaign which followed by becoming Champions in 2015/16 after finishing the season unbeaten – the club seemed to collapse in Premier and have never looked like recovering.  

This wouldn’t be the first time a beach of HGP has come about for them, as in the 2016/17 season, they found themselves fined twice with the latter receiving a whooping £1000.00. 

Yesterday evening, the Gibraltar FA released this statement –

Photo by Rough & Ready. 

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