Premier Division: Team of the Week

Matchday 5 results

  • Lynx 0-1 FC Boca Gibraltar (Valdivia) 
  • Europa 2-3 St Joseph’s (Yome & Quillo; Juanfri x2 & Cornejo)
  • Glacis United 1-3 Gibraltar Phoenix (Serra; Labrador x2 & Segura) 
  • Mons Calpe 3-0 Lions Gibraltar (Robba, Carboni & Pibe) 
  • Lincoln Red Imps 0-1 Gibraltar United (Cortes) 

    GOALKEEPER: Kyle ‘Chino’ Goldwin (Gibraltar United)

    DEFENDER: Xavier Carmona Velasco (Gibraltar United) 

    DEFENDER: Gonzalo Guijarro Rodríguez (Gibraltar United)

    DEFENDER: Mario Ruesca Torres (FC Boca Gibraltar)

    MIDFIELDER: Kevagn Robba (Mons Calpe)

    MIDFIELDER: José Luis Manzano Fernández (FC Boca Gibraltar)

    MIDFIELDER: Jayce Consigliero (Gibraltar Phoenix)

    MIDFIELDER: Juan Manuel Labrador Aguilar (Gibraltar Phoenix)

    MIDFIELDER: Ernesto Cornejo Sánchez (St Joseph’s)

    STRIKER: Michael Yome (Europa)

    STRIKER: Juan Francisco ‘Juanfri’ García Peña (St Joseph’s)

 12TH MAN: Max Bothen (FC Boca Gibraltar) – Chino’s performance for Gib United in their 1-0 win vs Lincoln meant we couldn’t leave him out as first-choice keeper, yet it would also be wrong to ignore the performance of Max Bothen in exceptional circumstances – the striker had to go in goal for Boca in the dying minutes of their game vs Lynx. The striker-turned-keeper made sure that his sides clean sheet stayed intact, and secured Boca’s first ever Premier Division points, so we’re including Bothen as a one-off 12th man in this week’s Team of the Week.

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