Premier Division: Team of the Week

Matchday 6 results 

  • St Joseph’s 1-2 Mons Calpe (Juanfri; Carboni & Pibe) 
  • Lions 0-1 Glacis (Cano)
  • Boca 2-5 Gib Phoenix (Valdivia, Moreno; Llaves x2, Labra, Jimenez & Intalte) 
  • Lynx 1-1 Lincoln (Seatory; Juanma) 
  • Gib United 1-3 Europa (Cortes; Walker pen, Quillo, De Barr) 

GOALKEEPER: Alejandro Caro (Lynx)

DEFENDER: Kevagn Ronco (Mons Calpe) 

DEFENDER: Francisco Cano (Glacis) 

DEFENDER: Antonio Jimenez Ramos (Gib Phoenix) 

MIDFIELDER: Steven Soussi (Lynx) 

MIDFIELDER: Anthony Bardon (Lincoln) 

MIDFIELDER: Jayce Consigliero (Gib Phoenix)

MIDFIELDER: Alex Quillo (Europa) 

STRIKER: Juanma Llaves (Gib Phoenix) 

STRIKER: Tjay De Barr (Europa) 

STRIKER: Juan Pablo ‘Pibe’ Pereira (Mons Calpe) 

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