Cabrera: “I have no words to describe how I felt after the goal”

After Gibraltar’s win over Liechtenstein on Tuesday, we caught up with goalscorer George Cabrera as he reflected on the historic result. 

Photo (C) William Gracia

We congratulated Cabrera on the goal, win and got his reaction on the team’s performance, “Thank you – the team played great, we created quite a lot of chances and deserved the win. The team have worked hard over the last few weeks and the hard work has paid off. It’s a great big family we have here and we are all fighting for the same thing; for our country and to make every Gibraltarian proud.”

We asked Cabrera how it felt scoring his first international goal for Gibraltar since they joined UEFA, “It’s an incredible feeling. I have no words to describe how I felt after the goal – the best feeling I’ve had since I started playing football – and to score for my country in our stadium in front of our fans, my family, friends, then to go on and win – it’s just amazing.” 

After the equaliser, you could feel the atmosphere in the stadium change which benefited the team hugely – we asked how important the crowd was, “The crowd were awesome. Playing at home, at the Victoria Stadium, with our families and friends supporting us, it makes you want to work harder and do all that’s possible to leave everything you’ve got on the pitch and make Gibraltar feel proud of who we are. With fans like we have, I’m sure there are many more good moments like this coming for us.” 

Gibraltar made history by not only winning one game but two in a row – we asked Cabrera, who made it into the Nations League Best XI, how it felt being part of it, “It is incredible – two wins in a row and to be part of this. it’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me in football. It’s just amazing everything that has been happening at moment in Gibraltar football. We will keep working hard and dreaming to bring more joys to Gibraltar. In football anything is possible if you really want it and believe you can”

It has been a rough couple of months for the Lincoln striker who has faced a lengthy time on the sidelines following an injury against St Joseph’s last season – we asked him how it feels to be back, “Yes it has been quite tough for me, both physically and psychologically, in many ways after my dad and grandmother passed away. With all the injuries I have had, being picked up by the ambulance twice last year in the Stadium, it has been quite hard for me. But these last four months I have been working harder than ever, really wanting to be at my best and the hard work is paying off. I feel really good on the pitch and I’ll keep on working hard to stay like this or even better” 


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