Moreno: “Try and pursue a career in professional football outside of Gibraltar”

We caught up with Gibraltar-born and Huddersfield Town’s first team opposition analyst Jansen Moreno as he gives us an insight into working in the Premier League and what he hopes to achieve in the future. 

Jansen joined Huddersfield Town in March 2017 – We asked what his current role is at the Premier League side and what it entails, My role at the club is Senior 1st Team Analyst, so basically I am managing and overseeing the department. In the department we currently have 5 analysts, myself, 2 opposition analysts (they rotate a game each), 1 post match analyst and 1 set plays analyst. I work with all 4 to make sure everything is working well and the processes are being followed. I watch opposition games then have a meeting with the opposition analyst for that particular game. The analysis side of the game has grown massively and plays a big part in every team’s working processes, luckily at all the clubs I have worked for the managers have given a lot of value to analysis. Previously I was solely focusing on the opposition whereas my role currently is more of an overview with more responsibility and I am enjoying it.”

After previously working at Brighton & Hove Albion and Norwich, Jansen has been working with Huddersfield Town for just over one and a half years. We asked how he’s found the experience so far, Yes it was a great time to join as we got promoted to the Premier League that season! The play-off final at Wembley was an incredible day and one I will never forget. It has been a great experience, so far we have had success in terms of the promotion and staying in the Premier League last season. That is our aim for this season, so we will try just as hard this season to stay in the Premier League. I have learnt a lot working with David Wagner, Christoph Bühler (assistant manager) and the coaching staff. We get a lot of involvement, they trust our work and value our opinion which is what you want. Even though the working hours can be quite demanding, it becomes worth it when you see it all pay off. We all know this season will be just as tough as last season, however we just need to keep working hard and believing as a team.”

Jansen has been working abroad since 2009 and linked with the Gibraltar FA U19 squad in 2015/16. We asked from the experience he has joined, what does he feel can be done in Gibraltar so the nation can continue to improve, “It’s difficult to say not being there, however I do speak to friends and family to try and keep up to date with what is happening back home. Firstly we have come a long way since joining UEFA and FIFA, being able to participate in official competitions is brilliant for Gibraltar, this exposure and experience will only benefit us and our development as a footballing nation. The one thing I would say is we need more locals to go and experience working abroad in a professional club, I think that way they would learn how it works in a different environment and would able to bring back these experiences to help local football develop.”

He added, “I would encourage young Gibraltarian students who want to work in football, to try and pursue a career in professional football outside of Gibraltar, go to university and study their particular field of interest then look to work here for a few years if possible.
Also, I think educating the local coaches is important as well; we speak about coaching the players a lot, however who educates and coaches the coaches? So this development for Gibraltarians is key.” 
Lastly, we asked Jansen what he hopes to achieve in the next five years – I try to think day to day and focus on the present, I don’t like to think too far ahead as I do not want to lose track of what I am currently doing. For now I just want to continue working hard and learning everyday.” 


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