Premier Division: Team of the Week

Matchday 2 results 

  • St Joseph’s 2-2 Gibraltar United (Boro, Juanfri; Ponce, Cortes)
  • Lions 0-3 Lynx (Seatory, Kelly og, Januszkiewicz) 
  • FC Boca 0-3 Mons Calpe (Buhagiar og, Pibe, Kesinovic) 
  • Gibraltar Phoenix 0-2 Lincoln Red Imps (J.Chipolina, Cabrera)
  • Glacis United 0-0 Europa

GOALKEEPER: Borja Valades (Glacis)

DEFENDER: Ibrahim Ayew (Europa)

DEFENDER: Karlo Kešinović (Mons Calpe)

DEFENDER: Juan Jose Perez (Glacis)

MIDFIELDER: Alex Januszkiewicz (Lynx) 

MIDFIELDER: Antonio Calderon (St Joseph’s)

MIDFIELDER: Carlos Carrasco (Gibraltar United) 

MIDFIELDER: Diego Gamiz (Lincoln) 

STRIKER: Matthias Ramirez (Lynx) 

STRIKER: George Cabrera (Lincoln) 

STRIKER: Juanfri Pena Garcia (St Joseph’s) 

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