Europa win Pepe Reyes Cup – player ratings

We rated Lincoln & Europa’s player as the Greens won 4-2 on penalties to walk away with the first piece of silverware this season. 

Gamiz & Garro both missed their penalties while Jaylan Hankins took the plaudits with a superb display between the sticks. 

The game wasn’t as entertaining as we had liked but here’s what we thought…

Lincoln Red Imps

jaylan Hankins – 9

A very good display from the 17-year old who was brought in to give Lolo a rest. Made a great save early on in the first half and a double save in the second – bright future. 

Andrew Hernandez – 7

Defensively was good but probably didn’t get as much attacking freedom as he would have liked. It was a good battle between him & Tjay. 

Bernardo Lopes – 8

The usual performance you’d expect from him – had little to do but when he did, dealt with it easily.

Alvaro Oliver – 7

Had a few problems dealing with Rubo’s hold up play but rounded off a good display with the equaliser.

Joseph Chipolina – 7

Defensively was good but can’t say the same when it came to going forward. 

Jose Manuel Montesinos – 8

Kept Liam Walker quiet for nearly the whole game and did well to break up many Europa attacking plays.

Anthony Hernandez – 5

Looked like it was a risk playing a very tired looking Anthony, one which didn’t work out as he was subbed just before half-time. A player who definitely needs a rest. 

Pedro Corral – 6

Quiet game and struggled to deal with Ayew.

Diego Gamiz – 8

Didn’t do much when out on the wing, apart from the assist, but became a much bigger threat when playing central.

Lee Casciaro – 7

He didn’t get the kind of deliveries he loves and it got worse for him when he was pushed out onto the wing. 

Juan Manuel Ortiz – 6

Started well but once Moya got into his head, Ortiz struggled to make any impact on the game. 


  • Falu Aranda – 6
  • Alain Pons – n/a
  • Sykes Garro –  n/a

Europa FC

Javi Munoz – 7

A very commanding figure in the box but apart from that, had little to do.

Ibrahim Ayew – 7

Defensively was good, had a lot of freedom when going forward but didn’t put it to good use.

Olmo Gonzalez – 8

Solid display at the back and looks like the perfect competition for Merino & Belfortti.

Ivan Moya – 8

The usual performance from the excellent Moya and worked his magic to get his first booking in the 70th minute. Teams hate coming against him but we’re sure he’ll be the first choice for every manager. 

Jesus Toscano – 7

Used his pace for good use when defending but didn’t offer much going forward. 

Mikey Yome – 7

It’s hard to offer anything to the game when you’re being marked by Joseph Chipolina but credit for his excellent cross to give Europa the lead.

Alex Quillo – 7

Playing in a more defensive minded role than he is used to but did it well by breaking up the Lincoln plays. 

Liam Walker – 7

It is clear to see he is very rusty while his range of passing is still excellent, his set pieces weren’t.

Tjay De Barr – 7

Looked good on the ball, showed glimpses of promise but struggled with the physical aspects of the game. 

Guillermo Roldan – 8

Another solid display which we’ve come used to when it’s Roldan, caused Pishu problems on the left flank and could have walked away with an assist or two.

Rubo Blanco – 8

It was always going to be hard when playing upfront on your own but he came into the game more in the second half with his hold up play helping Europa and his header for the opener was excellently taken. 


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