Gib Phoenix prepare for Intermediate League

Gibraltar Phoenix have signed 10 HGP’s following the creation of the Intermediate League which will start next season. 

Jayme Migge, Liam Neale, Jaydan Parody, Shane Dellipiani , Ricky Almeida, Aidon Asquez, Lee Coombes, Peter Sardena, Thomas Palao & Daylian Victor have all joined the club’s U23 squad with an option to play in the Premier Division.

The team will be managed by former Gibraltar U19 coach Terrence Jolley who had this to say about the GFA implementing the new HGP rule, “I totally agree with it but I think last year the HGP rule should have been put up to two and this year three. I know a lot of teams that are going to say that they will struggle and some local players will be asking for silly money but at the end of the day, I think it will be the other way round where players will move around knowing they will get playing time. I feel it will be better for the youth following the new Intermediate League where you need eight HGP on the pitch but I am completely up for every club having three local players on the pitch as it will do a realistic job on the National selection and whoever the manager is, it will make his job a little harder to pick players.” 


Phillip Debono will overshadow all of Phoenix’s local players from youth to senior in a sporting director role. He played a big role in the transfers and had this to say, “This is the beginning of what is going to be a very busy summer schedule which started two weeks ago speaking and meeting many players. Yesterday we closed the first 10 for the intermediate league team and will be closing 3 more within next few days. With regards to the senior team, we will soon be announcing something. I would like to thank Terrence Jolley and Desmond Victor for their hard work and efforts put into the intermediate league team. Gibraltar Phoenix will do its upmost best to give their local players playing time in the senior squad.” 

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