Second Division: The run-in

With the Second Division reaching its conclusion, and five teams still mathematically capable of going up, the race for promotion to the Premier is hotting up. Ahead of Thursday’s game between Brunos and Olympique, we look at all five teams still in the chase.

Photo (c) Lisa Kilkenny

Boca – 1st – 27 points – Maximum 33 points available – FG Pre-season prediction – 3rd

Currently top of the league, albeit playing two more games than Olympique, Boca have had a very good season and have impressed both on and off the pitch in their approach. Their run-in is difficult though as they have to face both Europa Point, and Brunos Magpies in their last two points, so they will need two big performances and hope for a favour from other teams in the league if they want to go up as champions.

Olympique – 2nd – 23 points – Maximum 35 points available – FG Pre-season prediction – 1st

Olympique’s overhaul in pre-season led us to predict they would come first, and although it hasn’t been easy, they are in a good position to do that – win their last four games and they will guarantee top spot. They do have to face Magpies and Cannons in that four game spell, as well as a rejuvenated Leo side, although the game against Hound Dogs should provide them three needed points at the end of the season.

Cannons – 3rd – 19 points – Maximum 28 points available – FG Pre-season prediction – 7th

The biggest positive surprise of the season, we said Cannons would do well to replicate last season’s 4th place finish, and we admit we may well have underestimated them. A late loss to Europa Point recently heavily dented their top two hopes, but they will have a big part to play in the race, facing off against Magpies and Olympique. If they could get results against those two, they may have an outside shot at second as long as they beat Leo too, which is no easy task.

Europa Point – 4th – 18 points – Maximum 27 points available – FG Pre-season prediction – 6th

The aforementioned late winner vs Cannons kept Europa Point’s season just about alive, and they have two games that on paper they should be favourites for, against Hound Dogs and College 1975. They will do well to finish top 2, but their match vs Boca could still be key in the title race.

Brunos Magpies – 5th – 17 points – Maximum 32 points available – FG Pre-season prediction – 2nd

Fifth place in the league, Brunos have as much as three games in hand on their opponents and can still realistically take one of the top two places at the end of the season. The game against Olympique will prove to be massive, while playing Boca on the very last game of the season has the potential to be massive for at least three teams in the division. Cannons will give them a good battle, while they will look to come through matches vs Hound Dogs and College 1975 unscathed and with maximum points.


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