Lions Womens’ team to head to USA for summer training camp

Lions Womens’ team are travelling to New York for a landmark training camp in August this year.

Manager Adrian Parral announced in a press conference at the Lions Clubhouse this evening more information about the tour, where he is taking an 18-woman squad over to the USA to coach, train and play four college sides in a seven-day spell.

The tour, sponsored by locally-based online gaming company Mansion, who also have ties with local football through their sponsorship of mens’ league leaders Lincoln Red Imps, should be a fantastic experience and development for a side who play far too few games in the three-team women’s league (before Saturday’s 3-1 victory over Europa, their last match was in February.

Parral, himself an UEFA A level coach who used to manage the womens’ national team, hopes this tour can lead to his side being able to bring American players back to Gib, especially after last year when they sent four players out to the States. He is also involved with the European Soccer Coaching Academy, who will be opening a full-time academy in Long Island, New York, in conjunction with South Shore Soccer Club.

The news is a positive development for local women’s football, which is still very much in its infancy on the Rock, and today’s news should hopefully prove an inspiration for more women in Gib to take up the game, as well as more clubs to look into developing a women’s team to help the game grow.


  1. Abigail Evans
  2. Alba Martin
  3. Andrya Rowbottom
  4. Belen Torres
  5. Joelle Gilbert
  6. Joelle Grech
  7. Josie Cummings
  8. Kathryn Rocca
  9. Kayleigh Ferro
  10. Keshia Doody
  11. Reighann Olivero
  12. Zamara Espinosa
  13. Zoe Ballantine
  14.  Zarajan Lopez
  15. Kyrelle Revagliatte
  16. Nicola Asquez
  17. Mollie Karp
  18. Laura Márquez

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