Gibraltar & FIFA agree change of eligibility rules

Full clarification of the news which we broke out earlier regarding the agreement between the Gibraltar FA & FIFA in the slight change of eligibility rules for the national team.

To date (and since Gibraltar joined UEFA in 2013) the GFA has implemented an “education clause” which required a player to have spent a minimum of five years before the age of 18 in Gibraltar’s school system. This clause formed part of the “Home Nations Agreement” between England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Gibraltar was not a signatory, but the GFA implemented the clause in order to keep its eligibility regulations in line with the other British associations in Europe.

Following discussions with FIFA last week, the Gibraltar FA raised the prospect of moving away from the “education clause” and instead implementing the “residency clause” – which is how FIFA have them. FIFA agreed and found it “preferable” as the GFA are not formal signatories of the Home Nations Agreement.  










As from June, the eligibility rules for representing GIbraltar internationally will be:

In the first instance, the player must hold a valid British Passport. If this is complied with, the player will then need to meet at least ONE of the following four additional requirements :

1. He/she was born in Gibraltar;

2. His/her biological mother or biological father was born in Gibraltar;

3. His/her grandmother or grandfather was born in Gibraltar;

4. He/she has lived continuously in Gibraltar for at least two years.

News regarding domestic football and the amendment of the “Home Grown Player” rule will be coming soon.

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