Erin Barnett: Serbia U21 at similar level as some senior sides I’ve faced

After last night’s 6-0 defeat against Serbia, we spoke to Gibraltar U21 and Gib United defender Erin Barnett for his views on the game.

Photo (c) C Correa Photgraphy

The 6-0 defeat was obviously not ideal for Gib, and Barnett echoed that when saying: “In terms of last nights result, we’re all extremely disappointed, it really hurts to lose like we did in our first game at home. We were all very confident and positive going in to the match as we believed that we were definitely capable of putting in a good performance for the home crowd, but unfortunately that was not to be the case and for that reason we are bitterly disappointed. I would like to thank all the fans who turned up at the Victoria Stadium in the terrible conditions to support us, it is greatly appreciated and we hope that you keep on believing in and supporting us!”

Barnett has played for the senior side before, so we asked if the experience of playing against such sides helped ahead of tonight’s game: “Going in to the game and during the game I tried to use my experiences with the Senior side to help build the confidence in the team and try to be a leader, however, on the pitch i must say that the Serbian u21 team is one of the best teams that i have faced, obviously excluding the top teams such as Belgium, Germany, etc. And therefore, it was difficult to use past experiences when facing a team of similar standards, if not better than some of the teams that I have competed against with the senior side!”

The U21’s have another game on Tuesday against Russia, also at the Victoria Stadium, and the Gib United defender stressed the importance of bouncing back from last night: “The beautiful thing about football is that it presents you with quick opportunities to put things right. We have got this opportunity on Tuesday night to do this against another tough opponent in Russia. We will use the next couple of days to rest, reflect on our previous performance and try to learn from it, and also take all the positives which there were many. We will dust ourselves down, and we will come back better and stronger on Tuesday night to give all of our loyal supporters a performance to be proud of!”

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