Quillo: “The squad is 100% behind Johny”

We managed to catch up with Europa’s Alex Quillo to gather his thoughts about the first part of the season for last season’s champions.

Photo (C) C Correa Photography

Europa started the season poorly, and despite recovering well, went into the break eight points off the top. We asked Quillo to sum up both his own and the team’s performance: “In a personal capacity I feel good, I feel valued at the club. We had to take a step forward and I think personally I achieved that. The team didn’t start well by there was a turning point where we corrected errors and I think we have now seen a more solid compact Europa which is harder to score against and we hope to keep improving.”

For many, the departure of Liam Walker in the summer was a massive reason towards Europa’s poor start; Quillo doesn’t necessarily share this view though: “I don’t think it was because of Liam’s absence, he is a great player but no longer with us and we can’t be thinking about that. There are other team mates that are just as important and that’s what we must tell Sykes, Mikey and Ethan.”

Europa also appointed a new manager in the summer, with Johny taking over after Juanjo moved up to Sporting Director. It is safe to say the Europa winger is entirely behind his manager: “Johny is a football man… we are happy with him and work well with him, but as always in football when results don’t follow there will always be external doubts… the squad is 100% behind him.”

Despite being second, the eight point gap between Europa and Lincoln is in the eyes of some unsurmountable. When asked about this, Quillo had the shorter-term picture in immediate thought: Right now we aren’t thinking about catching Lincoln, we are thinking about preparations for the winter break to be able to maintain the same intensity as we ended this year. It’s obvious they have a strong lead but we are pressurising them and I am sure we will get to the end of the season in a position to make a real challenge for the league title.”

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