Podesta: “I was so close to an early retirement”

FG caught up with Glacis United striker Paul Podesta as we got his thoughts on how the season has played out so far and the WC qualifiers. 

Glacis didn’t start the season as they would have planned, losing three of four games. Since October, they have gone unbeaten and picked up some important wins over Mons Calpe & Gibraltar United. Podesta had this to say on the first round of games, “No doubt, it was a frustrating start for us, as apart from our tactical mistakes against Lincoln, we deserved more from all the other games. Unfortunately football is about the points on the table and not the ones that could have been. We are just extremely happy that luck slowly went our way and began to get those important points on the board.”

Sitting in fifth and three points behind St Joseph’s, we asked Paul if his side think they have a chance of getting into Europe – “Realistically we are aiming for top 5. I think every game is a tough one, the league has become very competitive but we have proved that we can compete. I wouldn’t like to say that we will qualify but I’ll definitely say not to write us off just yet. ” 

Near the end of the WC Qualifiers, Podesta’s hard work finally paid off as he found himself travelling with the National Squad. We got his thoughts on the experience, “The WC qualifiers was an amazing experience for me, extra special at a personal level as I was so close to an early retirement due to injury. Simply stepping onto the pitches in those incredible stadiums to warm up alongside some of the worlds greatest players was a dream come true. Also, I think it goes without saying that it is an honour to be able to represent my country at the highest level and it makes me extremely proud.” 

Now that Paul has had a sniff of international football, we asked if next September’s Nations League is his main goal right now. He replied, “The Nations League and any other national match should be the main aim for all local footballers. It doesn’t get bigger than that. I was disappointed not to get minutes in the last qualifiers but what footballer wouldn’t? That’s what will drive me to work harder than ever before to get my debut.”

Photo – William Gracia 

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