Gib Utd owners take over at UD Los Barrios

Heritage Sport Holdings, which includes local businessman and Gibraltar United President Paul Collado along with Pablo Dana and Michel Salgado have acquired Spanish football side UD Los Barrios.

According to sources, clubs from Northern Spain were sounded out but The Group felt a deal closer to Gibraltar would be more beneficial mainly ensuring that financial and sporting synergies are maximized. The link between Gibraltar United & Los Barrios, a club in the Tercera Division, will now strengthen.

“Chairman Alvaro Moya and board member David Diez de Artacoz are two individuals who are deeply motivated to work for UD Los Barrios and have been loyal to the club for many years. I will be assisting Alvaro and David moving the club forward” said Collado.

he added, “There are many areas, our Youth in particular, where our clubs will work together in order to achieve objectives and continue to build our infrastructure.”

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