Hernandez: “I believe we were the better team”

Following Friday’s heart-breaking 2-1 defeat to Cyprus, we caught up with Gibraltar’s goalscorer Anthony Hernandez as he reflected on the game. 

Hernandez reflected on the teams performance after their defeat, “Truly heartbreaking indeed. We would have made history with a draw last night with Gibraltar’s first point. Having said that I think we should take the positives and be proud of our performance as I believe we were the better team on the pitch.”  

We asked how the team reacted to losing the game in the 87th minute, “The team and coaching staff were devastated after their late winner. Only normal I guess.”

At only 22 years old, we asked the Gibraltar United midfielder how it felt scoring his first goal for the National Team. Hernandez answered, “It felt amazing. I embraced the feeling as those moments are hard to come by knowing the high standard we are playing. Hard work pays off but for me, this is only the start as I plan on being around and scoring many more goals in the future.” 

Gibraltar’s next game is against Belgium at the end of August, we asked how difficult that game would be seeing as the season won’t have started and players will be struggling for match fitness. Anthony replied, ” I feel the team has realised we have the level to compete and are eager to for the matches to come. We know our opponents are world class but still think we can do a good job.”

Photo by Snapr Images. 

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