Albert Parody: “Who better than Mr Bula to take Lynx forward”

In Part One we caught up with Lynx founder Albert Parody as he reflects on last season, his appointment of Allen Bula and much more. 

Firstly, Parody reflected on last season’s performance as his Lynx side finished sixth after sitting in the bottom two at Christmas. He answered, I feel very happy. We started very poor, no excuses but the team was 96% new and roughly eighteen to twenty years old. I had very bad luck just before the beginning of the season when my goalkeeper [Christian Fraiz] got injured and he went, which is happening a lot in Gibraltar, for money to Mons Calpe so I had to use my Under 17 keeper [Robert Rae] who did a good job but wasn’t ready for Premier so we suffered in that way too. We found it difficult with results also, we were beating Lions and in the last minute they equalised, same happened with Manchester 62 when they scored late and we dropped points all cause of experience, we were a young team and we paid the price for it.”

he added, “The team carried on training, in December I made a couple of new signings then the team started understanding my philosophy of football so we started playing better and at the end of the season we were competing with the top teams like Europa & Lincoln when we only lost 1-0, the 2-1 [against Lincoln] which I feel was a robbery when they received a penalty and nobody could believe it but that’s the problem with referees in Gibraltar but at the end of the season it’s not bad where we finished.” 

With players coming and go in the transfer window, we asked Parody how difficult it is to keep his players together for preseason. “It is hard but the problem is that we don’t have many places to train and the reason I need to change so many players is because they come to Gibraltar and a day before match-day, they are in the Casino or Disco and I can’t afford that. We are a disciplined club, I put in a lot of effort to keep this club alive and I can’t accept players who come here to have fun. This year we want to stay with a structure of players and bring in new people to help reinforce the team because you have many who want too much money, they think Gibraltar is a paradise and everybody has millions.

If Lynx will be keeping the nucleus of the team next season, Parody replied; “Allen & I have spoke together and he has the last word if he wants a player or not. We had a couple who did well but are undisciplined and Allen said I don’t want these players, I want to make to make a serious team.”

With the likes of Europa & Lincoln paying their top local players a huge amount of money, we asked Parody how hard it is to compete with those teams. “Apart from that, they are bringing in foreigners who we pay £300 and they are paying £3000. That is why Real Madrid have Cristiano Ronaldo, Karim Benzema and Rayo Vallecano have players who none of us even know, with money you bring good players. We compete on the pitch, myself and Allen put a lot of hard-work in training and also at home. We try and do as much as we can, I do my homework and I study other teams but sometimes coaches can’t do miracles, we’ve seen with [Pep] Guardiola this year who has won nothing is supposedly one of the best coaches in the world but if I had the kind of players Europa & Lincoln do then maybe I [Lynx] would have finished in a higher position.”

Last Friday Lynx announced Allen Bula as manager, Parody gave us his thoughts on the appointment. “For me it is the maximum. He [Allen Bula] has been my friend for many years, we grew up together and also travelled to Hungary to do our UEFA License. Allen always gave me good advice because he is the most experienced coach in Gibraltar and sometimes Gibraltarians are bad with each other, I haven’t got anything against foreigner coaches but I’ve got CV’s from all over the world but Allen has higher qualifications, been travelling abroad, was a national coach so who better than Mr Bula to take Lynx forward.” 

With the former Gibraltar boss in charge, we asked Parody what his club’s goals are for the upcoming season. “Lynx is a competitive team. Despite starting bad, at the end of the season we were competing with everyone. With money, this year we win the league; we know where to sign but ultimately that is the main point as the money will bring in good players but we have a good structure and now with the help of Allen [Bula], we will know better the kind of players we can afford and we will try our best. I’ll tell you that with money, we may not be able to bring Ronaldo as he is too much but we can bring good players.” 

Part Two will be posted in the next few days. 

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