Yeray: “What’s done is done”

Ahead of tomorrow’s Gibtelecom Rock Cup final against Europa, we caught up with Lincoln’s Yeray as he gives his thoughts on the game.

After losing out to Europa, we asked if victory in the cup final was a chance for Lincoln to gain a measure of revenge over their rival: “Yes, it can be seen as a chance for revenge. But even more so we can view it as a new opportunity to finish the league on a positive note. I want the fans to recognise that we have put in maximum effort until the very end of the season and if the last match is against Europa it is an even better challenge for us.”

There is an obvious risk that Lincoln could go a whole season without a trophy of note, something which is unheard of from the team. Yeray insists that it isn’t a major issue though: “The anxiety isn’t present. The team have qualified for the Europa League which is important and we need to be focused on that now, as well as the upcoming final. What’s done is done and remains in the past and we have to continue looking ahead and not waste time thinking of what has already happened.”

Liam Walker scored for Lincoln in last year’s final, and his goals have helped Europa win the league this time out. When asked if his former teammate was the biggest threat to Lincoln, Yeray said: “Yes, absolutely. We know him well and we are aware of his talent and his ability to be a dangerous player and it isn’t anything new. We all know about it in Gibraltar. We will aim to compete with the greatest desire to try to win the final.”

Photo by C Correa Photography. 

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