Premier Division: Final Gameweek Permutations

With the final gameweek of the Gibraltar Premier Division needed to settle issues at both the top and bottom of the table, we look at what each team can or can’t do as they wrap up their domestic campaigns:

Europa FC:

For Europa, it is simple – beat Glacis and they are crowned champions of the Premier Division.  Beating Glacis is not necessarily simple though – they are fourth in the league and only lost 4-3 to Europa in their last encounter. After Lincoln’s slip up against Mons Calpe though, Europa will no doubt be happy to be in the position they are in.


For Lincoln, winning the league is not in their hands going into the final day – a situation that will be foreign to them.  They need to beat St Joseph’s and hope Europa slip up if they are to make it 15 consecutive league titles. Should they win, and Europa draw, then they would win the league, while a Lincoln draw and Europa loss would ensure the same outcome.

St Joseph’s and Glacis:

Both teams can’t move from their respective positions, but they can have a major say on where the title goes. It is almost fitting that the top four face each other on the final day, and it is fair to say neither Lincoln or Europa will stroll to the title, which is what every neutral wants.

Mons Calpe and Lynx:

The best of the newly promoted sides, Mons Calpe have secured fifth place, a more than respectable return for the side who threatened to break into the European spots earlier in the season. As for Lynx, they looked doomed in the early parts of the season but managed to drag themselves up to sixth and can’t move up or down; they can impact on who faces a relegation playoff though.


Lions secured their safety in the league in what has been a difficult season at times, and no doubt the team will look to build upon that next season. The young side offer a lot of promise and it will be interesting to see how they build over the summer.

Gibraltar United and Manchester 62:

Manchester 62 need a miracle in truth; they need to beat Lynx and hope Europa Point beat Gib United, all with a nine goal swing in the process. The truth is a disappointing season for Manchester will be capped by a relegation playoff against Brunos Magpies – don’t bet against the Magpies sending Manchester down either. For Gibraltar United, their high profile investment means the future is much brighter and we’d be very surprised if they were battling relegation next season.

Europa Point:

Europa Point are already relegated and only have pride to play for. Their young squad ultimately found the Premier Division too hard to deal with, but they have offered young players plenty of game time in the top tier; will their ‘Stepping Stone Club’ philosophy prove dividends in the coming years for some of their current team?

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