Matt Cafer: “This can’t happen again”

After they beat Brunos Magpies to stay in the Premier Division for another season, we caught up with Manchester 62 keeper Matt Cafer for a few quick words post-match

We asked Cafer about his thoughts straight after the final whistle, which he answered with: “It’s a nice feeling, obviously we’d have prefered not to be in this situation, but in the circumstances we’re here, and have to play who is in front of us.”

In the first half, Manchester were lethal in front of goal, scoring with almost every shot he had on target – something Cafer was thankful of: “I think that’s something we’ve been lacking in the league this year, we haven’t conceded that many, so luckily today our shots that were on target went in. They were 3 good goals, not like they were bad goals at all”

Manchester, and Cafer, have to look ahead to next season now, where they can’t afford to be as poor as they were this season. When we asked the keeper about this, Cafer replied with: “Obviously the club are going to look to reinforce, this can’t happen again (finishing in the relegation playoff), so we’ll reinforce and look to push on, but never be in this situation again.”

Photo (C) C Correa Photography

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