Bardon: “We drew too many games in the end”

After Lincoln finished second to Europa in a thrilling title chase, we caught up with Lincoln midfielder Anthony Bardon to ask him about the season that just occurred, as well as looking forward to the Rock Cup final and more.

When asked about his assessment of this season, Bardon said: “I think as seasons go Lincoln did well as we only lost 1 league match, but we just drew too many in the end, but congratulations to Europa for winning.”

A past Football Gibraltar interview with Bardon’s teammate Joseph Chipolina, after the 4-1 victory against Europa which appeared to swing the title race back in Lincoln’s favour, saw the full-back mention that Lincoln had been inconsistent. Bardon agreed with his teammates comments: “I think we struggled a bit more based on inconsistency that was due from more matches than ever this year, and us not performing to our best in every match. In every season now there are going to be more busy schedules, so we will have to learn to improve with this.”

Despite the disappointment of not winning the league, Bardon and his Lincoln teammates haven’t got long before they can exact a small amount of revenge, when they face Europa in the Rock Cup final, while for Bardon and his fellow Gib internationals, there’s the small matter of a World Cup Qualifier vs Cyprus to prepare for next month, and of course the Europa League qualifiers, which start on the 29th June: “Firstly, Sunday is a big game as the cup final is always a great trophy to win. We will have to put aside the league as it’s gone now and focus on winning the cup, doing well against Cyprus, and seeing how far we can go in the Europa League Qualifiers.”

Finally, we asked Bardon about where the midfielder’s personal future lay: “Personally, my plans are to play in Lincoln as I have nothing but great gratitude for what they have given me and love playing for them. If an opportunity arises to go abroad then I will look to pursue it if the deal is right.”

Photo by C Correa Photography. 

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