Premier Division: Team of the Week

Matchday 22 results

Europa 1-4 Lincoln Red Imps

(Kike 9; Joseph Chipolina 65,90, George Cabrera 69, Anthony Bardon 84)

Gibraltar United 0-0 St Joseph’s

Glacis United 1-0 Mons Calpe

(Juan Manuel Llaves 78)

Lions 2-1 Lynx

(Alberto Caravaca 3, Javi Santos; Mariano Pereira 45)

Europa Point 0-6 Manchester 62

(Aaron Payas 6,90, Marc Alain Tra 46,54, Aaron Duran 53, Andrew Lopez 80) 

GOALKEEPER: Borja Gonzalez (Glacis United)

DEFENDER: Aaron Duran (Manchester 62)

DEFENDER: Joseph Chipolina (Lincoln Red Imps)

DEFENDER: Manuel Jesus Cantizano (St Joseph’s)

MIDFIELDER: Aaron Payas (Manchester 62)

MIDFIELDER: Alberto Urdin (Lions)

MIDFIELDER: Jesse Victory (Gibraltar United)

MIDFIELDER: Antonio Calderon (Lincoln Red Imps)

MIDFIELDER: Diego Martinez Macarro (Lincoln Red Imps)

STRIKER: Marc Alain Tra (Manchester 62)

STRIKER: Juan Manuel Llaves (Glacis United)

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