Lionesses set off on a US Soccer Programme

Joelle, Zoe, Kayleigh and Alba of the Lions Women squad have been selected by manager Adrian Parral to take part in ‘Soccer For The Community Programme’ which will take place at the end of April. 

In a press conference earlier today, Lions manager Adrian Parral announced that the four girls selected will join him in New York to take part in a Soccer Programme which help the Women in coaching and taking part in training sessions. 

Parral said, “Many who know me from coaching at Lions, can tell you i’m a stronger supporter of Women’s Football but what many don’t know is that over the past six years I have travelled to New York not only to visit close personal friend but also to work on expanding my football network.” 

he added, “Over the last couple of years as the training camps have gone from strength to strength, my American partner have asked about the possibility of me taking players over with me. After a lot of hard work and organisation, I have the opportunity of taking four players with me for the first time.” 

Lions, Babylon SC & Aspire Academy made a partnership but “an anonymous sponsor” has funded the girls trip who in exchange for helping, wanted Lions to highlight a charity which was named as Childline. 

The players travelling will help run coaching sessions at grassroots and take part in training sessions within their age group with various clubs like Babylon SC, Oceanside SC & Famindale. They will also have a chance to impress scouts as they will play as guests in a competitive Cup match for Wantagh Seaford SC which will provide as a great opportunity and experience.

Parral also mentioned that “this is only the beginning, if everything goes well then we will become a yearly exchange of not only U17 players but for seniors also. American players will also come to train and play in Gibraltar.


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