Gibraltar granted additional spot in UEL

Official press release from the Gibraltar FA regards UEFA’s decision to grant Gibraltar an additional spot in the Europa League as from next season.

The Gibraltar FA is pleased to announce that UEFA have this morning confirmed the grant of an additional spot in next year’s UEFA Europa League to Gibraltarian clubs.

This means that as from next season, three Gibraltarian clubs will participate in UEFA club competitions, as follows:

First Division champions = UEFA Champions League

Rock Cup champions & First Division runners-up = UEFA Europa League

Therefore, in additition to this season’s winner of the Rock Cup, the First Division runner-up will also participate in the UEFA Europa League next year. Should the winner of the Rock Cup already have qualified for Europe by virtue of being 1st of 2nd in the league, then the additional UEFA Europa League spot will pass to the 3rd placed team in the league.

The grant of an additional spot has come through an increase in Gibraltar’s association club co-efficient ranking, itself the result of the progress to OR2 made by Europa FC this season and Lincoln Red Imps for the past two seasons (in their respective European competitions). This increase in the co-efficient prompted the GFA to write to UEFA formally requesting an additional spot in the UEFA Europa League next year. Following further discussions between GFA officials and UEFA at the recent Congress in Athens, the GFA’s request has now been granted by the UEFA Excecutive Committee.”

Fantastic news for Gibraltar, and if the league table ends the same this season as it did last season, then St Josephs will be playing in the Europa League.


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