Sanchez: “This is a very great opportunity to make history for this club”

The Second Division Cup final gets underway today between holders Europa Point taking on high flying Brunos Magpies at 19:00. We caught up with Magpies keeper Fernando Sanchez Diaz who has made a good impression this season. 

Firstly, we asked how the Magpies team feel ahead of today’s big game, “We are all extremely hopeful, this is a very great opportunity to make history for this club and to have its first trophy in the Brunos Magpies cabinet. We are impatiently looking forward to kick-off.”

Magpies finished ninth last season but after a long pre-season and some great transfer made by the club, they currently sit third in the league and have a great chance of promotion. We asked Fernando if he expected this to happen when he joined the club. “The truth of the matter is that looking at the results obtained by the team in the previous campaign, we really didn’t believe that the situation we are currently in could arise. Taking into account the words of our trainer, I trusted in being able to do something very important this season and now look at the results.”

Lastly, Europa Point are the only team in Gibraltar which is unbeaten and have only lost one game in all competitions. Magpies have played Europa Point twice this season and lost on both occasions, so we asked how confident his side are of winning today. “In my humble opinion they [Europa Point] are a great team, both collectively and individually. We have the ability to win and snatch the trophy. Nothing is impossible.”

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